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13 Totally Creative Things You Can Do With Removable Wallpaper

In an afternoon!

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5. Fresh Clipboards

Use a pencil to create clipboard outlines on removable wallpaper from Chasing Paper. Apply to shapes to clipboards. Use to display art and inspirational quotes.

7. Graphic Wall Hanging / Via

Roll the top of your wallpaper around a wrapping paper tube or a Kraft paper roll. Secure with tape and thread rope or cord through the center of the tube or roll. Hang from a wall.


9. Coordinated Benches

Use removable paper on wooden or plastic benches to create a cohesive look. Try this trick on rented wedding chairs so that you can personalize the decor for your ceremony.

13. Chic Table Runner

Life In Bloom Photography / Via

Cut a strip of removable wallpaper that fits in the center of your tablecloth and runs a little longer than the length of your table. Add vases and votives to complete the look.