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38 Couples Who Absolutely Nailed Their Winter Weddings

The cold never bothered them anyway.

1. This cold weather couple:

2. This pair who got all wrapped up:

3. This awestruck groom:

4. This beaming bride:

5. This decorated duo:

6. This big (and festive!) family affair:

7. And this beautifully personal one:

8. This twosome who took cover:

9. And this one:

10. These carefully coordinated grooms:

11. This close-knit couple:

12. And this one:

13. These two who took to the slopes:

14. Or the streets:

15. Or the ice:

16. This groom who lent a hand:

17. This bride who got cozy:

18. These two who layered up for warmth:

19. This loyal winter crew:

20. And this one:

21. These two who know that not every wedding needs to be 75 degrees and sunny:

22. That for some, the slopes are even better than the beach:

23. And that ultimately...

24. A little snowfall never hurt anyone:

25. So whether you planned for snow on your wedding day...

26. (Or you didn't!)

27. The best thing you can do if it happens...

28. Is just roll with it:

29. And build something:

30. Or, better yet, throw something:

(Out of ~LOVE~, of course)

31. So grab a coat...

32. And a cup of something warm...

33. And don't be afraid to get messy:

34. Because whether you're a duo...

35. Or a trio:

36. And whether you're young or old...

37. You should definitely make time...

38. To play in the snow: