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November 10, 2014

Mike Bloomberg's Proposal For Financial Regulation: Keep Congress Away

"The world adjusts to stupid laws," said the former New York City mayor. "They don't pay any attention to them."

15 Taylor Swift Emojis You Never Knew You Needed

Because you've got a blank text, baby.

The Bill Cosby #CosbyMeme Hashtag Backfired Immediately

Like, immediately. And it's now been taken down — updated!

New York City Ebola Patient Dr. Craig Spencer Is Free Of The Virus, Going Home

Hospital officials say Dr. Spencer is Ebola-free and will be released from Bellevue Hospital on Tuesday morning.

The Clintons Were Not The Losers Of The Midterms

Mitt Romney has the stupidest spreadsheet. We must stop surrogate madness.

27 Signs You And Your BFF Might Actually Be Spongebob And Patrick

"What do you usually do when I'm gone?" "Wait for you to get back."

22 Couples Who Dressed Up Like Eric And Jessie Decker For Halloween

Seriously. Most popular costume OF THE YEAR.

37 Desgarradoras imágenes de México protestando por los estudiantes desaparecidos

El pueblo mexicano sale a las calles mostrando su repudio ante los hechos ocurridos con los 43 jóvenes desaparecidos el 26 de septiembre. #AyotzinapaSomosTodos

Google's Chromebooks Have Officially Taken Over The Education Market

The search giant's low-cost laptops were the best-selling devices in the K-12 market last quarter.

Boyfriend Gets Hundreds Of Strangers To Wish His Girlfriend "Happy Birthday"

"We just moved to Portland, OR, and didn’t know a lot of people here..."

Cómo se ve ser estar pobre en la TV versus cómo se ve estar pobre en la vida real

No sé de dónde son esos apartamentos que se ven en la televisión. Yo estoy viviendo en uno del tamaño de un armario.

Watch How To Get Over Your Crush

If a BuzzFeed list were a love song, this is what it would sound like...

Taylor Swift Skipped An Awards Show To See Her Brother's College Play

Instead of attending the MTV Europe Music Awards in Scotland, Taylor Swift went to Notre Dame to see her brother Austin in a play.

Chubby Hamsters In Slow Motion

The only slowmo hamster video you will ever need to see.

30 Reasons Why Joseph Kahn Is The Most Important Music Video Director Of All Time

Ranked in order because this is BuzzFeed and that's what we do and I have a lot of opinions.

21 Problems Only Hurdlers Will Understand

Fact: You always have to pee when you get in your starting blocks.

21 Reasons Your Canadian Childhood Has Actually Ruined You For Life

A French-speaking pineapple still fuels your nightmares.

Giants Pitcher Jake Peavy Will Buy A Cable Car And Turn It Into A Bar

The man does love his commemorative novelty vehicles.

12 Times New Zealand's World Map Game Was Lacking

Is New Zealand really that forgettable? The people at World Maps Without New Zealand are calling out anti-NZ map discrimination.

33 Astonishing Tweets From Outer Space

Astronaut Reid Wiseman is totally winning at Twitter. Welcome back to Earth, Reid!

19 Real Thoughts Astronauts Have Had

Trying to pee in a bag, amiright? They're just like us!

St. Louis County Prosecutor Slams Rumors About The Ferguson Grand Jury Decision

"ANY AND ALL claims of an announcement date or time from any source, especially social media, are rank speculation and should be ignored."

Poll: Can You Even?

Well, can you?

BBC Pulls "Fake Sheikh" Documentary At Last Minute

The corporation says it was handed new information at the 11th hour and will broadcast the programme - which promised to reveal the identity of the secretive investigative reporter - at a later date.

Ben Stein: America's Race Problem Is "Pathetic, Self-Defeating Black Underclass"

"I mean, the real problem with race in America is a very, very beaten-down, pathetic, self-defeating black underclass that is — uh, just can't seem to get its way going in the way that blacks were able to before the scourge of drugs and the scourge of gangs."

18 Struggles Anyone Who Did College Radio Knows To Be True

You were royalty on the (local) airwaves.

President Obama's Net Neutrality Plan Crushes Cable Stocks

Shares of the largest pay-TV distributors, including pending merger partners Comcast and Time Warner Cable, spiraled downward Monday on news of the President's plan.

15 Of Your Favorite Movies And TV Shows As Parodied By Dogs And Cats

When your pets are spayed and neutered they have more time to focus on fun activities, like remaking famous films and television shows! Visit for more fun facts.

19 productos locos e ingeniosos que demuestran que estamos viviendo en el futuro

Ahora vuelvo, es el momento de ir en mi patineta flotante a pasear a mi perro. Gracias a este hilo de Quora.

120 Films Every "Gossip Girl" Fan Must Watch

Did you know every Gossip Girl episode title was a pun on a movie?

12 Badass Civil War Beards To Inspire You For "NoShave November"

Here are some hot facial hair styles for No Shave November beardspiration! Brought to you by Badass Civil War Beards.

19 Monday Struggles As Told By Cats

The struggle of having to put on actual pants.

Consent Explained By A Porn Star

What exactly is consent? We went to a porn star’s sex dungeon with Jill Soloway to find out.

The 25 Most Ironic Things Of All Time

Insert Alanis Morissette joke here.

Here's Where America Stands On Thanksgiving

The results of our Thanksgiving poll show most people prefer this kind of pie ...

13 Amazing Photos Of NYC's Futuristic New Subway Station

The Fulton Transit Center cost $1.4 billion to build after the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks. The centerpiece of the project is a massive oculus.

What Books Have Gotten You Through A Hard Time?

"We tell ourselves stories in order to live."

Russia Has A New Propaganda Outlet And It's Everything You Thought It Would Be

The same day that Russia launches the new website and radio service, CNN gets taken off the air, a top newspaper editor is forced to step down, and a leading magazine gets a note of warning.

College In 59 Seconds

"I'm never drinking again."

Which GIFs Belong In The Fail Hall Of Fame?

To be enshrined on the internet forever. FOREVER!

CNN Forced Out Of Russia

The decision to shut down operations at the end of the year comes after three years struggling to obtain a license in the country.

No Domestic Assault Charges For San Francisco 49ers' Ray McDonald

The Santa Clara, California District Attorney's Office said there's insufficient evidence to charge the defensive end.

India Lifts Ban On Women Working As Movie Makeup Artists

The country's top court ended the the Cine Costume Makeup Artists and Hair Dressers Association's practice of not allowing female makeup artists to work in movies.

14 Things Drake Looked Like At The Raptors Game Last Night

Sweater game went 0 to 100 real quick.

21 Perfect Internet Reactions To Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" Video

"If Taylor wrecked my car I'd probably say thank you."

Which Mockingjay Character Are You?

Welcome to District 13

Citas en Instagram vs. citas en la vida real

La realidad es igual de buena, si no mejor.

11 Reasons To Keep Our Veterans Flying

Every year, Honor Flight hubs fly thousands of U.S. veterans to visit their memorials in Washington D.C. at no cost to the veteran. Here's why we must #KeepThemFlying, and how you can help us do it.

How Well Do You Know Disney Channel Original Movie Morals?

There’s a time when we all choose to either quit or follow through. We are who we choose to be.

TV Has An Advertising Problem — Here Comes The Blame Game

Third-quarter earnings from the largest television network owners show a tepid advertising environment. Blame Nielsen. Or Ebola. Or something.

42 astuces beauté géniales pour toutes les paresseuses

Tellement joli et tellement facile.

27 Realities Of Growing Up With A Mexican Dad

Yep, they watch novelas too.

Which "Twilight" Character Are You?

And so the lion fell in love with the lamb.

Rand Paul Takes Shot At Hillary Clinton's Age

The likely Republican presidential candidate suggests that Clinton, who is 67, may not be able to handle the "rigorous physical ordeal" of the campaign trail.

This Dog Doing An Ear Dance Will Cure Your Monday Blues

~Apple bottom jeans, ears with the fur~

Two Friends With Down Syndrome Raised Over $20,000 On Kickstarter To Film A Zombie Movie

With nine days left, Sam and Mattie are halfway to their goal of $50,000 to film their dream movie.

Americans Try Pakistani Meals For The First Time

Twice the spice with more rice!

Los 29 datos más adorables que alguna vez conociste

Esto puede ser demasiada ternura como para lograr tolerarla.

ITV Will Not Be Renewing Dapper Laughs' TV Show After Complaints

A spokesman said "careful thought" was given to the decision.

Russia Today Threatened With Sanctions Over Biased Ukraine Coverage

The Kremlin-backed broadcaster has been criticised for its coverage of the upheaval in Ukraine during early 2014. The channel insists it's providing an alternative viewpoint.

17 Body Language Tricks You Need To Try

As Ursula once so wisely said, "Don't underestimate the importance of bod-ay language."

21 Señales de que eres un adicto a la música

Tu vida no tendría sentido sin tu dosis diaria de música.

Is This An M&M Or A Skittle?

A nearly impossible quiz.

Your Credit Card Could Be Costing You More Than You Think (If You Have The Wrong One)

It's common knowledge that making a credit card's minimum payment each month will get you nowhere, but which cards will bury you in an avalanche of debt the fastest? Here's a look at the penalty rates for some of the most popular credit cards.

What Teens On TV Look Like Compared To Teens In Real Life

Dear television producers: If an actor is 30 years old, they probably shouldn't be playing a teenager.

We Spoke To The Man Behind The @AngrySalmond Twitter Parody Account

Angry Salmond on the independence referendum, why he's so angry, and what he'll do next.

Facebook Has Herded Half A Billion People Into Messenger

Facebook pushed users to download Messenger earlier this year by removing messaging functionality from its main app. The strategy worked.

35 Struggles All Girls With Thick Hair Know To Be True

All of the hair = all of the problems.

Which Legally Blonde Character Are You?

Are you pretty in pink or pushing for a Winter "Ovester".

The 47 Most Important Moments From Taylor Swift's New Video

Period drama, horses and misandry. All in the video for "Blank Space."

Matt's 24 Favourite Films

I originally made this list before my 22nd birthday as part of a promotion of my music and media profile. However, I've decided to update this list once every few months, as my tastes change and I became aware of new work; and add an extra film to the list as I age each year.

"All That" Cast Then And Now

Hold onto your butts, people, Josh Server is still smokin' hot.

24 Perfect Thanksgiving Recipes For Two

Because sometimes the best Thanksgiving is the one where you don't have to share the leftovers with your cousins.

What Does Your Favorite Taylor Swift Song Say About You?

Besides the fact that you have excellent music taste, obviously.

The Tastiest Game Of "F#@k, Marry, Kill" Ever

Which foods would you marry, kill, or get freaky with?

Big Tech Applauds White House Net Neutrality Move

The Internet Association says Obama's plan "would establish the strong net neutrality protections Internet users require."

New Report Highlights The Civil War That Everyone Seems To Have Forgotten

The situation in South Sudan is bad and getting worse, a new report from the International Rescue Committee (IRC) finds.

Google Will Donate $2 For Every $1 Given By Public To Fight Ebola

Google's aim is to raise $7.5 million to give nonprofits working in West Africa.

13 Tips To Help Fight Your Depression

Real talk from BuzzFeeders about what helps them feel better.

18 Dogs Who Were Put In The Fridge

Yo, dog, you need to chill.

YouTube Star Tanya Burr Just Announced She Is Writing A Book And Her Fans Can't Deal With It

The book will take a look at her life and include beauty and lifestyle tips.

EXCLUSIVE: NY Attorney General Comes Out Against Rules That Would Limit Uber And Lyft

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman says the rules as written would "needlessly restrict competition."

19 momentos en que los Golden Retrievers conquistaron tu corazón

Los Golden son los perros MÁS LINDOS de todos.

Which Character From Modern Family Are You?

You love them all but it's time to find out who you really are.

Are Your TV Watching Habits Normal?

Do you even actually own a TV set or nah?

Sex, lies, videotapes and HIV

A quick chat with porn icon Blue Bailey on living with HIV and the industry.

La bande-annonce de la saison 4 de « Girls » est sortie

C'est confirmé, Hannah part en Iowa.

17 GIF Reactions On How Obama Should Deal With The New Congress

With a Conservative Congress, President Obama shouldn't give a f*ck!

The New Pizza Hut: Sriracha Crust, "Skinny" Pizza, Peruvian Cherry Peppers

The struggling pizza chain will announce some huge changes to its menu, logo, and in-store and online experiences as part of a major revamp brand. Pretzel crust, anyone?

This Is What Happens When You Send Yo Yo Honey Singh Lyrics To Dudes On Tinder

Sincerest apologies to all single and straight Mumbai men within a 100 mile radius of me.

Carrie Finally Re-Enters Reality In This Exclusive "Homeland" Clip

In this BuzzFeed News exclusive clip, Carrie (Claire Danes) wakes up after unknowingly taking the wrong pills and doesn't remember a thing.

17 Things That People With Massive Heads Can Simply Never Do

Bought me a new hat? Just watch as it stretches and rips over my humongous noggin.

Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" Officially Released A Day Early After Accidentally Leaking On Yahoo

A source told BuzzFeed News the video had been scheduled for Tuesday.

China begrüßt Obama auf die beste Art der Welt

Bei der Eröffnung des Gipfels für asiatisch-pazifische wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit zeigte China der Welt, wo der Hammer hängt.

Poll: What's The Best Superhero Movie Ever?

"Big-budget films from disparate eras: Assemble!"

20 Personas a quienes les deben prohibir hacer preguntas en Internet

Es más, les deberían quitar el acceso a la red por siempre.

41 Times Ed Sheeran Made Your Day Better

Because honestly everything he does is pure gold.

What Is The Best Burger You've Ever Eaten?

Have you been blessed by the burger gods?!

18 Foods All British People Miss When They're Abroad

Travelling is fun until you start craving Yorkshire puddings.

Which "Too Many Cooks" Cast Member Are You?

Time to find out if you're him, or her, or the baby too.

The Welcome That China Gave Obama Shows Why It Will Win At Everything

China pulled out all the stops for the opening of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit.

Tower Bridge Gets A Glass Walkway And It's Both Amazing And Terrifying

For every "wow!", there will be an equal and opposite "nope!"

10 Awesomely Easy DIY Hostess Gifts

Holiday party season is upon us; don't show up empty-handed!

What's Your Favorite J. R. R. Tolkien Quote?

"Not all those who wander are lost."

It Just Got Harder To Get Arrested For Pot In New York City

Mayor de Blasio announced on Monday that the NYPD will no longer arrest people caught with small amounts of marijuana, issuing summonses instead. Advocates expressed cautious support.

Can You Match The "30 Rock" Quote To The Character Who Said It?

There are only two things I love in this world: everybody and television.

Israeli Soldier And Woman Are Killed In Two Separate Stabbings

Updated: An Israel Defense Forces soldier died after he was stabbed in what police said was a terror attack. Within hours, a young woman was stabbed to death in West Bank.

29 personas que simplemente estaban jodiendo

Quienquiera que sea responsable de llenar los paquetes de papas con más aire que papas.

Why Do We Like Our Own Farts?

The secret behind your own brand of stink!

President Obama Wants To Reclassify The Internet As A Utility

The president said Monday that the move would protect an open internet — by allowing the FCC to enforce more stringent regulations and protect net neutrality.

This Woman Managed To Take A Selfie With A Ground Squirrel And It's Everything

So this is pretty much the happiest picture you'll see all week.

44 truques de beleza de garotas preguiçosas para experimentar agora mesmo

Tão bonito, tão fácil. Inspirado em nossa colaboração com Birchbox!

If "Inbetweeners" Quotes Were Motivational Posters

Don't let the bus wankers get you down. NSFW language.

Russell Brand Just Posted A Video Response To The "Parklife" Meme

In which he calls the prime minister an arsewipe.

Nurse Kaci Hickox Plans To Leave Maine Town With Boyfriend After Ebola Monitoring Period

Hickox and her boyfriend Ted Wilbur plan to travel after her 21-day monitoring period ends Monday.

27 Wonderful Things That Could Only Happen In The UK

TL;DR this place is a bit silly.

10 Things To Know About "The Overnighters"

The must-see documentary about a controversial pastor at the center of the Williston oil boom leaves its audience with questions. Director Jesse Moss gives BuzzFeed News the answers.

27 lugares en los que no querías encontrar brillantina

Pero de alguna manera llegó ahí.

More Than 80% Of Catalans Wanted Independence In Non-Binding Vote

The vast majority of voters came out in favor of splitting from Spain in an informal, non-binding vote yesterday. Now Catalan leader Artur Mas is expected to put further pressure on Madrid for a binding referendum.

27 coisas que você deve fazer antes de sair do ensino médio

Quando o último sino tocar, será tarde demais.

20 coisas que os brasileiros aprenderam no Enem 2014

A tag #AprendinoEnem voltou com toda a força.

16 Struggles Every Muslim Girl Will Understand

But what are you wearing for Eid?

21 Stars, deren Jugendfotos Dir Hoffnung fürs Alter geben

Du wirst nicht älter, du wirst besser.Denen ist es doch auch gelungen.

19 problemas que toda chica en forma enfrenta cada día

No hay nada de qué avergonzarse por una #SelfieEnElGimnasio.

Judge Reverses Ban On Atlanta Media From Publishing Story

A judge has reversed his decision barring local media around Atlanta from running a story related to a public school test cheating scandal. The original ban was an extremely rare move.

Bahamas Jet Crash Kills Nine

The private jet collided with a construction crane. At least one of the deceased is a local clergy member.

Alleged Former Member Of Far-Right Group Britain First "Visits Mosque To Apologise"

The reported visit occurred at the Crayford mosque on Sunday.

Las 19 imágenes perfectas de Aladdin para cada situación.

¡Todo un mundo nuevo de imágenes para ti!

21 coisas que pessoas que estão sempre cansadas entendem

“Apertar o botão ‘soneca’ para adiar o alarme é o meu maior talento.”

Suicider Bomber At Nigerian School Kills At Least 48

At least 48 people — most of them students — are believed to have died after an explosion tore through a school assembly in the northern Nigerian town of Potiskum.

Taylor Swift a sorti un nouveau clip

Le clip est pour le morceau « Blank Space », et contient des chevaux et des clubs de golf. La vidéo est disponible sur Yahoo.

A Man's Defiant Tweet Posted After A Violent Anti-Gay Attack Has Gone Viral

Cole Ledford thanked everyone for showing that "love is louder than hate".

Are You An Overprotective Parent?

"I trust you. I just don't trust the world."

This Cover Of "As Long As You Love Me" By A Group Of Very Special Children Will Melt Your Heart

Warning: There is beatboxing, adorable singing, and million dollar smiles involved.

23 Things You Didn't See On TV At The MTV EMAs

I went to the EMAs last night and watched from the audience. Here's what I saw.

Yahoo Inadvertently Released Taylor Swift's New Video Early

The video was for "Blank Space," but has now been pulled.

8 Food Myths You Probably Believe

Sugar doesn't make kids hyperactive and turkey doesn't make you sleepy.

This Is The World's Least Imaginative Name For A Leisure Centre

Steve from Selby, you are a true British hero.

11 situations que les personnes bisexuelles en ont marre de subir

« Mais je croyais que seules les filles pouvaient être bi. »

Which "The Comeback" Character Are You?

Are you a baby girl, a love ball, or do you need to know you're being heard?

Who Would Be Your Mrs. Ted Mosby?

What took Ted Mosby 9 seasons to figure out will only take you a minute.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Praised "Interstellar" For Its Science, But Not Its Plot

"Of the leading characters (all of whom are scientists or engineers) half are women. Just an FYI." Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS for Interstellar ahead!

12 Reasons Megan Washington Is Essentially All Of Us

Let's take a second to admire the awesomeness that is Megan Washington.

13 Delightful Cafes In Wollongong That You Have To Try

Your stomach will be thanking you.

"Homeland" Is Finally Back On Track

After a tumultuous Season 3 and an uneven start to its current fourth season, the Showtime drama has started to return to its roots, thanks to an even CRAZIER Carrie. WARNING: Spoilers ahead if you have not seen the Nov. 9 episode.

22 Problems Every Hopeless Romantic Will Understand

O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?

"Priscilla" Is Officially The Greatest Australian Movie Of All Time

It was voted number one in a BuzzFeed poll, therefore it's official.

20 Cat-Themed Items You Need For Your House Right Meow

You might as well throw everything else you own away.

A Guide To All The Reality Show References On The "Comeback" Season Premiere

"Well, reality TV has had quite the evolution." If you're a fan of The Comeback but not Bravo, here's what you might have missed in the long-awaited return of the HBO comedy.

31 Awesome Sailor Moon GIFs For Every Time In Your Life

Whether you're fighting evil by moonlight or winning love by daylight, Sailor Moon gets you.

10 Signs You Want To Be A Fairy Tail Wizard From "Fairy Tail"

"Do whatever you think is right! That's the way of the Fairy Tail Mages!" — Makarov Dreyar WARNING: some spoilers.

Six Amateur Comedians Started Telling Jokes On The Subway

Six local comedians in Boston staged an impromptu comedy show on the MBTA Red Line, and here's the footage:

Men: 12 Reasons We Cant Live With Them OR Without Them

We all know that fine line between "I kind of what to kill him, but I kind of want to kiss him, too."

Why We Shouldn't Skip Directly From Halloween To Christmas

Because 55 straight days of Christmas carols can be a bit tiresome.

13 Puppies That Will Make You Wish It Was Ramadan

These puppies are the cutest squashmonsters. Praise Allah.

17 Signs You're Dating A Fictional Character

Real humans? You're over it.

The Stages Of Being Drunk

We've all been there

The Daily Mail Asked If Anyone In Britain Could Make A Sandwich And You Can Guess What Happened Next

The speed of response when it comes to piss-taking in this country these days is really something.

The 27 Most WTF Moments Of The 2014 MTV EMAs

Well, that's what you get when Nicki Minaj hosts.

This Cow And Dog Are The Farmyard "Romeo And Juliet"

For never was a story of more woe than this of Dog and her Cow.

Microwaved Glow Stick Explodes In Kid's Face, Dad Comes To Hilarious Rescue

"Not to mention it's all over your awesome shirt."

Who's Your Favorite Character From "Too Many Cooks"?

♫ A dash of love to make it nice ♫

These Pro-Independence Scots Are Raising Millions To Launch Their Own TV News Channel

"If we raise 1 or 2 million then we can definitely do this," the channel's business manager told BuzzFeed News.

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