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November 30, 2014

Prime Minister Wants A Restart And Is Willing To Admit Broken Promise

"I accept that what we are doing with the ABC is at odds with what I said before the election."

Solange's Honeymoon Looks Like A Pinterest Board IRL

*Pins everything to the "I Want To Go There" board*

Police Find Body Of Missing Ohio State Athlete Kosta Karageorge

The 22-year-old Ohio State University football player and wrestler had been missing since Wednesday. Police have said it appears Karageorge died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

22 Reasons Living In San Diego Ruins You For Life

I pledge allegiance to the California burrito.

21 Harry Potter Questions The World Needs An Answer To

Why doesn't Harry just get eye surgery with all his gold?

The Definitive Ranking Of Every "Will And Grace" Holiday Episode

With special attention paid to all of Will's ugly turtlenecks.

A Kirk Cameron Christmas Card For The LGBT Community

Since Kirk Cameron says that being gay is on the same "sin tree" as murder, this Christmas card for the LGBT community filled with double entendre had to be created.

Bloody Good Period Hacks

Don't let mother nature get you down.

15 Annoying Struggles Of Being Named Stacey

Go ahead, ask me if I've heard "Stacy's Mom." I dare you.

Are You A Cheesehead?

Find out how well you would fit in Wisconsin, based entirely on your experience with cheese.

Rams Deny Apologizing To St. Louis Police Over "Hands Up" Gesture

The five players who walked on the field in the "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" pose will not be punished by their team or the NFL. The police union condemned the action.

Ask A Lesbian About Her Girlfriend

Is the toilet seat permanently down?

The Bottled Water Taste Test

Is expensive water really worth it?

6 Types Of Mom Texts

It's 2014 but they're still getting the hang of it.

John Green Is Sending Signed Copies Of His Books To The Ferguson Library

During a Reddit AMA, the Ferguson Library Director said that "The Fault In Our Stars" is one of the library's most popular young adult novels.

17 Novel Etsy Gifts For Every Kind Of Book Lover

Lots of different book lovers. Are you on the list?

Bomb Threat Forces Evacuation Of Plane On J.F.K. Airport Runway

Passengers were taken off the American Airlines flight from Barcelona after an unspecified threat was made. This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

32 Good-Looking Men With Good-Looking Beards

Don't act like you're not impressed.

A Student Has Died After She Confronted A Group Of Men Harassing Teenage Girls

Germany's president described Tugce Albayrak as a role model, and candlelight vigils have been held in her honor.

10 Life Lessons Atticus Finch From "To Kill A Mockingbird" Taught Us

Best. Dad. Ever. Warning: Some upsetting language.

10 razones por las que las películas de "Harry Potter" son horrendas

Películas de HP, ¿por qué os aborrezco? Permitidme enumerar los motivos.

17 Ways To Give A Little Inspiration This Year

There was a time when the most inspiration you could give was in a card. Well, Times have changed!

5 Great Books To Read In December

A roundup of recent favorites we've reviewed in the BuzzFeed Books newsletter.

Here's How The New "Star Wars" Trailer Would Look If George Lucas Made It

It's pretty much a perfect parody of everything wrong with the Special Editions. And the prequels.

This Photo Of A Police Officer And A Young Boy Hugging At A Ferguson Protest Is Going Viral

The photo has been called "the hug shared around the world."

If One Direction Tweets Were Motivational Posters


Hong Kong Protest Leaders Surrender To Police

Benny Tai, Chan Kin-man, Chu Yiu-ming surrendered on Wednesday and were released. The decision came after police arrested at least 40 protesters this weekend.

12 Female Characters Who Keep Shaving Despite Constant Peril

Just because you live in fear for your life doesn't mean you let yourself go, ladies!

27 Delicious Ideas For Weeknight Pasta Dinners

All ready in 30 minutes or less.

21 Movies That Will Get You Through A Breakup

Let the binge-healing begin.

Ever Wonder How Music Looks Like? This Mindblowing Video Lets You Have A Glimpse Of It!

It's like seeing what your ear drums see whenever you listen to music.

21 Kinds Of Fudge To Make For Someone You Love

All I want for Christmas is fudge.

Can We Guess How Clean Your House Is?

This is *scientific*, guys.

17 Adorable Hairstyles Your Toddler Girl Will Love

Not all hairstyles work on toddlers, but these do.

40 Of The Cutest Holiday Cards You Ever Did See

They'll open up the envelope and say, "Awwwwwww!"

19 Gingerbread Houses That Are Nicer Than Your Actual House

Brb, gotta go become three inches tall and edible.

27 Cool Winter Coats That Will Actually Keep You Warm

So you don't have to wear a sleeping bag 'til March.

The Definitive Ranking Of Taylor Swift's Short Shorts

And what your Mom would probably think of them.

28 Faces All Pregnant Women Will Recognise

As illustrated by dogs, cats, turtles and, of course, sloths.

19 Signs That Owe The World An Explanation

Behind every sign there's a story.

17 razones por las cuales tu primo(a) es, en realidad, tu mejor amigo(a)

Porque nunca podrías sobrevivir a las reuniones familiares sin ellos.

A Definitive Ranking Of Each Time That Guy In The "X Factor" Audience Shouts "Only The Young"

To the man who keeps doing this, please keep shouting even though the band actually aren't in the show anymore.

Do You Practice Safe Eco-Sex?

A checklist for all the Eco-sexual, earth lovers of the world.

8 Gifs Of Australia For The Time And Money Poor

For tourists, Australia can be an expensive sojourn so here's a bunch of gifs that will save you some cash.

45 Stunning Australian Photos That Will Make You Question Your Life Choices

Ben Heide has nailed the ability to capture Australia's beauty in his photographs. But are you #TeamSeaChange or #TeamVineyard?

This Woman Started Wearing Makeup For A Week And Her Reactions Are Perfect

“On the first day, I felt like I was wearing a mask.”

The Worst Moments From Victoria's Secret Fashion Parades

Is the underwear supposed to be ugly?

10 Photos Of The "Journey For Justice" From Ferguson To Jefferson City

Demonstrators kicked off a seven-day, 120-mile march from the Canfield Green apartments in Ferguson, where Michael Brown was killed, to the Governor's Mansion in Jefferson City, Missouri. The march was organized by the NAACP.

What It's Like To Have All Your Dreams Come True In One Night

A tale of one girl and her adventure at the Jack Johnson concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater.

The 9 Basic Rules Of Tumblr

The rules of the road for the famous (or infamous) blogging website.

If The Sitcom “Friends” Were Re-Made Today

I'll be there for you...but only if there's wifi.

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