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19 Gingerbread Houses That Are Nicer Than Your Actual House

Brb, gotta go become three inches tall and edible.

1. This glimmering confection.

2. This cottage that won't even require you to pay exorbitant utility bills.

3. This delightful gingervillage.

4. This charming farmhouse.

5. This castle that is absolutely bigger than your one-bedroom apartment.

6. This wonderland where you don't have to worry about ventilation or fixing the creaky back door.

7. This majestic hotel.

8. This delectable palace.

9. This town where you'll never have to worry about crime or finding parking.

10. This villa where you'll never need to hear your roommate having sex.

11. This cruise ship that will never run aground.

12. This cozy home.

13. This colorful masterpiece.

14. This ship that is nicer than your fanciest vacation.

15. This bakery where you will never have to wait in line.

16. This well-lit domicile.

17. This cabin that will never be infested with termites.

18. This homestead the whole family will enjoy.

19. And these simple beauties.