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    The Definitive Ranking Of Every "Will And Grace" Holiday Episode

    With special attention paid to all of Will's ugly turtlenecks.

    Will and Grace is one of the best sitcoms of all time, and like all great sitcoms, it featured wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas episodes.

    ~*Greetings, loved ones.*~

    Let's take a journey down memory lane and relive every holiday episode, ranked from worst to best. We'll be paying special attention to standout Karen moments, and calling out all of Will's hideous turtlenecks.

    9. "Fanilow" (Season 6)

    This one gets ranked low because it's BARELY A CHRISTMAS EPISODE, aside from Grace and Karen's perfect two-person holiday party in the office during the opening credits. The rest of the episode features Will waiting in line for Barry Manilow tickets, which is just embarrassing.

    Ugly Turtleneck Watch: Will is thankfully free of ugly turtlenecks, and the only one in the episode is donned by Grace. And it's black, so it's passable.

    Standout Karen Moment: When Will turns Karen into a fellow Fanilow and describes the singer as such: "He's cuter than Deepak, and you don't have to buy a lot of crap to believe in him!"

    8. "Homo for the Holidays" (Season 2)

    Jack's mother (sporting a questionable half-turtleneck) comes to visit for Thanksgiving, and it's revealed that she doesn't even know Jack is gay. Karen asks, "What is she, headless?"

    Ugly Turtleneck Watch: Will dons an absolutely treacherous navy ribbed turtleneck. Baby Jesus weeps.

    Standout Karen Moment: When Karen reveals what she's thankful for: "I'm thankful that I found a pharmacologist who's as dumb as a box of hair."

    7. "Queens For A Day" (Season 8)

    Season 8 (the final season) was actually pretty on point, but this Thanksgiving episode was all over the place. Will and co. head to Queens to have Thanksgiving with Vince's big Italian family, and it's just too many new characters competing for screen time. You might even say the episode suffers from... too many cooks.

    Ugly Turtleneck Watch: Mercifully, no turtlenecks. Grace does wear a blue Snuggie all through a lunch scene, though.

    Standout Karen Moment: When Karen describes a vagina at lunch: "Imagine the most beautiful flower you've ever seen, its petals opening as it's gently touched by the sun... Now imagine a vagina next to that."

    6. "Jingle Balls" (Season 4)

    Jack is tasked by his insane boss (played by Our Lord and Savior Parker Posey) to create a Barney's window. Spoiler alert: He fucks up!

    Ugly Turtleneck Watch: During the episode, Will's body slowly absorbs a sage green ribbed turtleneck.

    Standout Karen Moment: Karen's turn as an S&M Santa is great, but let's be real: This episode is all about Parker Posey. Praise be to Parker.

    5. "Christmas Break" (Season 7)

    Grace accidentally breaks Will's mom's favorite Lladró figurine, The Bashful Geisha. Karen spends most of the episode in a room of her house which can best be described as a "Festive Christmas Dungeon."

    Ugly Turtleneck Watch: No turtleneck, but Will does wear a horrible Finding Nemo tie.

    Standout Karen Moment: This exchange between Karen and Rosario:

    Rosario: [entering] "Miss Karen? We have a little visitor."

    Karen: "Oh, for god's sake, I'm not your mother. You know where the tampons are!"

    Karen: "It's your stepdaughter, Olivia, you ghost of Christmas passed-out."

    4. "Moveable Feast" (Season 4)

    The gang tries to pack multiple familial Thanksgiving obligations into a single day. Rosario eats an entire turkey by herself. Grace freaks out because she keeps drinking "rental car stranger water" which she fears might actually be pee.

    Ugly Turtleneck Watch: This time it's Jack in the turtleneck: a weird green thing that makes him look like a Muppet.

    Standout Karen Moment: Karen is mad horny the entire episode. "I could hump a tree," she announces.

    3. "All About Christmas Eve" (Season 5)

    Will is pulled back and forth between seeing The Nutcracker with Grace, and hanging out in Karen's hotel room, who is spending the holidays tormenting hotel staff.

    Ugly Turtleneck Watch: Will wears what might be the same turtleneck from "Jingle Balls," only by now it's fused to his body like a second skin from which he will never escape.

    Standout Karen Moment: Karen spends most of the episode in a bathrobe and still looks more fly than you could ever hope to be.

    2. "A Little Christmas Queer" (Season 8)

    Everyone gathers at the Truman house in Connecticut for Christmas. Will spends the entire episode dressed like the general manager of an Express.

    Ugly Turtleneck Watch: None, thank the heavens.

    Standout Karen Moment: Karen uses a jeweler's magnifying glass to appraise a little girl's ring pop: "It's occluded, the cut is pedestrian and..." *licks* "'s watermelon!"

    1. "Lows in the Mid-Eighties" (Season 3)

    FLASHBACK EPISODE!!!!!! In college, Will and Grace are dating, Will isn't out yet, and everyone has terrible hair.

    Ugly Turtleneck Watch: It's the '80s, so there are literally too many turtlenecks to count.

    Standout Karen Moment: This:

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