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November 27, 2014

Soccer Legend Pelé Hospitalized In Special Care Unit

The Brazilian soccer legend has been interned for four days. He was moved to a "special care unit" to receive renal support.

"The Mindy Project" Threw Back To "Friends" This Week And It Was Perfect

Mindy and Danny took a romantic bath and it was the perfect homage to Chandler and Monica.

POLL: Who's The Best Kylie In Kylie Minogue's "Did It Again" Music Video?

Sex Kylie, Cute Kylie, Indie Kylie or Dance Kylie?

14 Christmas Ornaments That Will Put All Other Trees To Shame

My tree could Avada Kedavra your tree's ass.

What The Cast Of "Home For The Holidays" Looks Like Now

That was absurd, let's eat dead bird!

The Meaning Of Spells’ Names In Harry Potter

Harry Potter is fantasy, but the names of those spells are kind of real!

19 cosas con las que sólo Taylor Swift puede lucirse

Tan adorablemente torpe. Y tan increíblemente perfecta.

Weird Conversations Siblings Have

"Pull this car over, I have to pee!"

Awkward Family Photos: 13 People Who Regret Everything

For more awesome family photos, check out

38 Thoughts You Have When Watching "Supernatural"

Yeah, I should totally watch "Swan Song." It won't emotionally scar me at all.

15 Things That Happen When You Don't Care About Sports

It's the unforgivable sin to some people.

22 dificultades que cualquiera que piense en exceso podrá comprender

El peor de los casos siempre se hace realidad. Bueno, en cierto modo. En tu cabeza.

Which Kid From "The Fosters" Are You?

Lena and Stef have their hands full taking care of their kids. Which one are you?

5 Foil Hacks To Wrap Your Head Around

Aluminum foil might be the new duct tape

Precisamos admitir que Belo está ficando gato

Eu tô falando sério, vem aqui ver.

26 Pictures That Will Make You Have To Laugh To Keep From Crying

Or, basically, "Pictures That Will Make You Say 'OOOOOH NOOOOOOOOOO.'"

10 Honest Texts From Constantly Hungry People

“He really wanted to hang out tonight but I really wanted to hang out with peanut butter so…”

University Of East Anglia Overturn Decision To Cancel UKIP Event

The event was cancelled following a petition calling for the student union to "protect students who feel intimidated or degraded by the party". This post was updated after the union announced an event with UKIP would take place.

23 Momentos incómodos que solo un hijo único reconoce

No tenemos hermanos, pero muchos de nosotros tuvimos más regalos.

Awkward Family Photos: 13 People Who Regret Everything

For more awesome family photos, check out

25 Problems Only People With Sensitive Ears Understand

Can you make it through without cringing?

19 señales de que tu mejor amiga es, en realidad, tu alma gemela

Tal y como nos muestran Taylor Swift y Karlie Kloss.

Watch Aaron Samuels Fall Off A Staircase While Doing An Interpretive Dance

May this serve as a warning to NEVER do an interpretive dance on a staircase.

36 Times The Cosmos Aligned And Gave Us The Perfect Photograph

These photos weren't luck. They were fate.

Early Birds Vs Night Owls

They say the early bird gets the worm, but who actually wins this battle over bedtime?

Shia LaBeouf Gives Bizarre Hour-Long Interview In Silence With A GoPro Camera Attached To His Head

In an email conversation before the meeting, the actor claimed he was raped while taking part in an art project.

21 Incredible Things To Eat In Edinburgh Right Now

For when you're bored of macaroni pies.

Did It Happen In 2013 Or 2014?

This is a simple game where you just have to figure out if something happened this year or last year. But as a wise man once said, "time is a flat circle."

Top 10 Made-For-TV Holiday Movies

They can’t all be It’s a Wonderful Life - but that doesn’t mean we won’t spend the majority of Christmas watching vaguely familiar actors doing a sub-par version of A Christmas Carol on Lifetime TV or ABC Family. Here are the best – or the worst – that the season has to offer:

25 Times We Were Grateful For Tumblr

You're weird, but we still love you.

52 Cute Photos To Look At Instead Of Your Awkward Family On Thanksgiving

Everyone needs a strong dose of cute to get through the holiday season.

57 Things That Are More Fun Than Black Friday Shopping

If you need me I'll be sleeping and not getting trampled.

This Week’s Signature Songs, State By State

Here are the songs that defined America from Nov. 18 to Nov. 24, presented by BuzzFeed and Spotify. A state’s “signature song” is not its most popular, but its most distinctive — that is to say, the one that residents of that state streamed proportionally the most as compared with the U.S. as a whole.

25 Cosas que son mejores que tener un novio

¿Quién necesita un hombre cuando tienes comida?

Thanksgiving According To Stock Photos

Spoiler alert: this is not real life.

KISS Showed Up To The Thanksgiving Parade To Make It Wild And Crazy

Just as we all expected. There were also large, fluffy floats.

16 Times Your Parents Will Definitely Walk Into The Room

I have no idea how that got up on my computer, I swear.

29 Things That Escalated Way Too Quickly

Everything's getting a bit out of hand.

"Ninguém ama nada como os brasileiros", diz autor de livro interativo hit no Brasil

Adam J. Kurtz é autor de "1 Página de Cada Vez", uma espécie de livro-diário que é sucesso de vendas no Brasil e tem milhares de compartilhamentos no Instagram.

Tory Minister Did Call Policeman A "F*cking Pleb"

Former chief whip Andrew Mitchell has lost his libel case against The Sun and faces an enormous bill. The judge decided he probably did say the contentious phrase.

9 PD James Quotes Every Writer Needs To Read

The British author died today aged 94. Here are some words to remember her by.

Thanksgiving Poutine Exists, And This Is How To Make It

Step 1: Make a big pile of Thanksgiving food. Step 2: Add cheese curds.

#StopTheParade Protesters Descend On New York's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Protesters with Ferguson on their minds and a high-profile incident with an NYPD officer that left Eric Garner dead, attempted to stop the parade. Police were unable to give BuzzFeed News an exact arrest figure.

23 People Who Are Definitely Hungover Right Now

Warning: Contains rude words that have been crudely shaven into people's heads.

17 réactions de chats parfaites pour les fêtes

Quand vous avez tellement mangé que vous ne pouvez plus bouger.

29 perros que te harán querer hacerlo mejor

Nada como un gran perro para inspirarte a ser lo mejor que puedes ser.

24 Struggles Only People Who Are Constantly Hangry Will Understand

Because rage crying when you're hungry is a totally rational reaction.

How Normal Is Your Family's Thanksgiving?

For the times when you just pumpk-can't.

Were You Cool At School?

You can't lie to the quiz.

22 images qui prouvent que votre vie est un mensonge

Plus rien ne sera jamais comme avant.

British Author P.D. James Has Died Aged 94

The author of over 20 books, including An Unsuitable Job for a Woman and Children of Men, died peacefully this morning.

Poll: Which Celebrity Has The Best Man Bun?

IMPORTANT: Let's agree on this once and for all.

More Than 250,000 Immigrants Moved To The UK In The Last Year

The government is going to miss its target on cutting immigration. Whether that matters or not is up for debate.

31 Photos That Will Take All Brits Right Back To Primary School

Sitting at the back of the coach was the most important thing that could ever happen.

This Christmas Mixtape From Diplo And Mad Decent Is The Prelude To Your Holiday Hangover

The trap remix of "The Nutcracker" is honestly impressive.

18 Niños que bailan mejor que tú

Estos niños te humillarán en la pista de baile.

19 Thanksgiving Leftover Ideas That Aren't Sandwiches

Because we all know how to slab some turkey onto bread.

28 Photos That Will Make You More Confused Than You Have Ever Been Before

The world is full of beautiful, creative, vibrant people, and some of those people just want to take a picture of themselves covered in Cheerios.

Selfie Sticks Could Lead To Jail Time In South Korea

Retailers are being threatened with prison if they sell unregistered versions of the controversial device.

The Ultimate Female Orgasm Poll

Where, when, how, why?

17 Dogs Who Have This Thanksgiving Thing Down

Waiting for leftovers is ruff!

What Kind Of Thanksgiving Family Do You Belong To?

Not everyone celebrates the holiday in the same way.

The John Lewis Christmas Advert Is Much Better When You Add A Sweary Geordie Penguin

"I'm blind, Dec! I'm blind!" Slightly NSFW because of the swearing penguin.

18 perguntas definitivas sobre como você usa o banheiro

Existe uma posição correta para o rolo do papel higiênico?

Which Of Taylor Swift's Cats Are You?

Are you more of a Meredith or an Olivia Benson? This is very important.

20 Times Celebrities Wanted To Remind You How Rich They Are

Because making a table out of money is totally normal.

Which Classic Hollywood Actor Is Your Dream Guy?

They call them 'Golden' for a reason!

Why Nigel Farage May Struggle To Get Elected To Parliament

And Nick Clegg is at risk of losing his seat to Labour.

26 urinoirs géniaux qui vous donneront presque envie d'aller aux toilettes

« Rapprochez-vous de l'urinoir pour une vie meilleure. »

21 Fotos que fueron tomadas en el momento exacto y preciso

La mayoría de estas fueron tomadas por accidente. Un asombroso accidente.

16 Things Every Parent Should Never Show Their Kids

You know when you show your kid something for the first time and then regret it until the end of time. That.

The Definitive Ranking Of The Best Drag Queens Ever On RuPaul's Drag Race

RuPaul's Drag Race has seen many Queens walk down the runway in it's 7 season "herstory", and needless to say some were better than others. Gentlemen, start your engines and may the best woman win!

19 Times Dawson Leery Was The Most Annoying Part Of His Own Show

His name is Dawson Leery, he makes us often weary.

22 Things Only "Flight Of The Conchords" Fans Will Find Funny

I'm not crying. It's just raining on my face.

21 Motivational Posters You Need To Survive Life In India

"One jhaapad is worth a thousand words."

Ce photographe capture la beauté troublante d'hôtels abandonnés

Six années de travail ont mené à cette incroyable collection.

Poll: Do You Suck At Life?

Find out if everyone else sucks at life, too.

Tory MP Favourites Graphic Tweet Of Naked Bondage Woman

Karl McCartney, we want to hear how this one happened.

The Cast Of "Desperate Housewives": Then And Now

Everyone has a little dirty laundry.

National Anthem Or Heavy Metal?

Can you tell rock’s most ridiculous lyrics from these cherished national hymns?

31 Accidentally Sexual Comic Book Panels That Will Ruin Your Childhood

Taken out of context, these comic book strips are full of innuendo and smut. H/T Mitch O'Connell.

Man Explains Why He Was Willingly Swallowed Alive By A Giant Anaconda

Paul Rosolie told Entertainment Weekly that he was eaten and regurgitated by the snake to highlight the destruction of rainforests worldwide.

6 Things Devolved By The Smith Commission Which You Didn't Notice

The Smith Commission has announced its recommendations for what new powers Scotland should get. Here's some obscure things you might have missed.

Fans Of YouTube Star Zoella Are Getting Seriously Emotional At Her Book Signings

People are shaking, crying, and breaking their phones after meeting her.

101 Entirely Plausible Plots For "Serial" Season 2

Season 2 of Serial is officially happening. Here are some ideas.

14 Facts About "Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge" That You Probably Didn't Know

Can you imagine DDLJ starring Tom Cruise? That was the original plan.

5 Killed As Kabul Suicide Attack Hits British Embassy Vehicle

Five people, including one foreign diplomat, were killed and 30 people were injured. Update: The UK's foreign secretary has confirmed that the diplomat was British.

21 People Who Prove You're Never Too Old To Build A Fort

If you can get through this post without wanting to build a fort then you're probably dead inside. Sorry.

Everything You Need To Know About Scotland's New Powers

The Smith Commission has announced what new powers it believes Scotland should get. Here's what you need to know so far.

Michael Buerk Says He Regrets Not Killing Jimmy Savile When He Had The Chance

On last night's I'm A Celebrity the former BBC newsreader said that his biggest regret was not pushing Savile off a cruise ship into the sea.

32 « avant/après » qui montrent le pouvoir des effets spéciaux

Un écran vert, et beaucoup d'effets spéciaux.

Ferguson Protesters Marched In A Mall Wednesday Night

Protesters were "peacefully disruptive" in the St. Louis Galleria.

35 Photos That Prove Your Entire Life Is A Lie

Nothing will ever be the same again.

22 Hot Chocolates You Must Make This Winter

Because baby, it's cold outside.

39 Marchés de Noël à voir au moins une fois dans votre vie

De Berlin à Budapest en passant par Strasbourg, ces marchés de Noël vous mettront d'humeur festive.

The Number One Songs In Australia Circa 2004

2004. It was a time before the revival of boy bands. A time when anacondas were only a snake. A time before the booty revolution. And a time, where the notorious break up of two people no-one cared about, catapulted them into short-lived fame.

A Farmer Used His Sheep To Propose To His Girlfriend

Sheep farmer Henry Brown proposed to his girlfriend the only way he knew how. With sheep.

26 Faces Every Feminist Will Recognise

When you think someone is really cute and then they turn out to be a sexist prick...

19 choses que seule Taylor Swift peut se permettre

Personne d'autre ne ressemble à ça en sortant de la salle de sport.

8 einfache Hacks, die das Leben leichter machen

Heute wird der Tag, an dem Du endlich alles auf die Reihe bekommst.

24 Ways Marijuana Takes Thanksgiving To The Next Level

Today we give thanks to the Lord our Ganj, for this bountiful Danksgiving meal.

POLL: Are We Human Or Are We Dancer?


The North American Basic White Guy

You know that guy? What was his name again? James? John? Jack? You know, that one you kept thinking you saw downtown but it was just some other guy? Here, I'll describe him to you:

Australia's Heart Breaks After Tragic Death Of Cricketer Phillip Hughes

The batsman died on Thursday two days after being struck by a ball. He was 25.

"Little Miss Sunshine" Actress Releases Song About 5SOS Singer

Michael Clifford, we're looking at you buddy.

Why Green Bean Casserole Should Be The Official Food Of The Holiday Season

Don't even try and act like GBC isn't going to be on your Thanksgiving table.

16 Future Movies ‘80s and ‘90s Kids Have Been Waiting For (Or Not)

These sequels and reboots will have 20- and 30-somethings jumping for joy (or rolling their eyes.)

24 Things That Happen When You Have Multiple Friend Groups

People-pleasing, all day, errrrrr day.

21 Things All Australian Drinkers Know To Be True

Here's to Bobby he's true blue! He's a piss pot through and through!

Michael Brown's Parents React To Officer Wilson's Story: "He's A Murderer"

The comments came one day after the Ferguson police officer went on ABC to defend killing the unarmed teen.

Ferguson Woman Gets More Than $170,000 In Donations To Rebuild Beloved Bakery

Natalie Dubose spent her life savings opening a small bakery in Ferguson this June, and saw it trashed during protests this week. People have donated more than $170,000 in two days to help her rebuild.

What It's Like To Be High At The Movie Theater

Because you're home for the holidays. And there's nothing to do.

Games I Am Thankful For

Today is the day of giving thanks and appreciating what you have in life. I love my family and friends and while some things in life could be better, I am happy with where I'm at. I won't delve into everything or get all mushy but this is a small list of some games that have had a significant moment in my life. Enjoy and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Happy Cats-Giving!

Their faces say it all! Happy Thanksgiving!

9 Things Close Female Friends Just Get

Things you’ll both get.

Guy Sebastian Talks About The Stigma Of "Australian Idol"

Eleven years after winning Australian Idol, Guy Sebastian talks about the most enjoyable musical experiences of his career to date, what he's most looking forward to, and opens up about parenthood and marriage.

How Well Do You Know Benedict Cumberbatch?

The Penguins of Madagascar and The Imitation Game star reveals to BuzzFeed News everything from how he takes his tea to which mispronunciation of his name is his favorite.

9 Times Scott Ludlam Was Too Nerdy To Handle

The Greens "Senator for the Internet" did an awesome Reddit AMA.

16 Perfect Gifts Every Fan Of "The Hobbit" Should Own

Go ahead, satisfy your inner Gollum with a little self-gifting.

Remember These 5 Iconic Hard Rock & Metal Songs From The '90s?

I did this list all for the nookie, so you can take that cookie and stick it up your YEAH!.

Which Thanksgiving Food Are You?

Are you a turkey or a roll? Take the quiz to find out!

Hundreds Of Cars Line Up For Perth's First Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

Footage has been uploaded of dozens of gridlocked cars waiting up to four hours for a box of doughnuts. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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