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November 26, 2014

Hundreds Lined Up For The Krispy Kreme Perth Opening Yesterday...

It's like they've never seen a doughnut before.

A Rare White Lion Was Born In Omaha And Attention Must Be Paid

The rare cub was born Nov. 21 along with a brother and sister at Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium. Each of them are a little over 4 pounds.

13 Disney Characters Throwing The Ultimate SHADE

These characters from your favorite Disney movies are tired of your sh*t.

Ebola Vaccine That Appears Safe For Humans Could Be Breakthrough

The trials are the first step toward bringing the vaccine by GlaxoSmithKline to health care workers battling the epidemic in West Africa. So far, 5,689 people have died of the virus.

The Multicultural Thanksgiving Movie You Never Knew You Needed

There aren't many Thanksgiving classics, but What's Cooking? should be one of them.

24 Pets Who Can Talk Like Humans

You’ve never heard “I love you” like this before.

Sia Just Gave Away Her ARIA Awards On Twitter

Sia won four ARIAs this year and decided she didn't want to keep any of them.

This Japanese Blow-Up Doll "Wrestles" And It's Incredible To Watch

Yes, you read that right. A BLOW-UP DOLL.

31 Flavors Of Holiday Weekend Breakfast Fare

Start your holiday weekend off right, with any one of these 31 mouthwatering ideas for your breakfast table!

Your Relationship With Your Mom In Your Teens Vs. Your Twenties

Basically, you realize she really does know best.

Ranking The "Gossip Girl" Thanksgiving Episodes

Gossip Girl was always at its best when the feathers were flying.

Le quiz le plus difficile qu'un Parisien puisse faire

Subir une conversation à propos d'Uber avec un chauffeur de taxi pendant une heure ou lécher une barre dans une rame de métro ? Difficile, mais il va falloir choisir.

Un fotógrafo captura la inquietante belleza de los hoteles abandonados

Tomó las imágenes a lo largo de seis años.

Ferguson Protest Brings Parts Of Central London To A Standstill

Hundreds of people marched through central London in solidarity with Michael Brown, who was shot dead by police in Ferguson. BuzzFeed News reported from the protest.

17 Tech Terms That Have A Different Meaning To Your Parents

Mom, you don't need to sign your texts.

16 Fairly Filthy Thanksgiving Pick-Up Lines

For the hot rando at your Friendsgiving table.

28 célébrités qui ont fait de 2014 l'année de la coupe au carré

Essayez de lire ce post jusqu'au bout sans avoir envie de vous couper les cheveux.

16 Bookstores To Visit This Holiday Weekend

Black Friday? More like BOOK Friday.

Which Pixar Character Are You?

To infinity and beyond.

What If One Direction Were Typical British Backpackers

The boys are in Australia for the ARIAs but imagine if they were regular pommie tourists on a gap year.

14 Thanksgiving Cats Ready To Party

Felines giving thanks.

44 Body Horror Movies To Kill Your Appetite

Because nothing says "Thanksgiving" like being too grossed-out to eat. WARNING: Major gore ahead. Also, spoilers! Proceed at your own risk.

Qu'est-ce que Royal, Trierweiler et Gayet ont en commun ?

Pas forcément ce que vous pensez...

13 People Who Regret Everything

Guys, life is really really hard.

Andy Murray Has Got Engaged To Kim Sears

The Scottish tennis star has popped the question to his girlfriend of nine years.

Baby Of Shot Pregnant Woman Dies In New York Hospital Hours After Delivery

The woman, six months pregnant, was shot in Queens. Her baby is in "stable" condition at Elmhurst General Hospital.

Meet "Cereal," The "Serial" Parody About A Missing Bowl Of Cereal

"Jay's real name isn't even Jay. It's short for James. James Horatio Crunch, as in the son of Horatio Magellan Crunch, or as most people know him — Captain Crunch."

Proof "50 Shades Of Grey" Would Be Better Starring Ellen DeGeneres

Move over Dakota Johnson, Ellen's got this.

These Ancient Condoms Will Make You Realize How Far Safe Sex Has Come

Once you consider what our ancestors had to deal with.

These Are The Most Powerful Images Of Ferguson Protests Across The U.S.

From Los Angeles to New York City, people demonstrated after a grand jury decided not to indict Officer Darren Wilson for the killing of Michael Brown. There were arrests nationwide.

S&P Says Investment Banks Dodged The Volcker Rule Bullet

"We no longer believe that these firms' businesses will be hurt by the rule and its various interpretations."

If Winston Bishop Quotes Were Motivational Posters

Words of wisdom from New Girl's cat-loving weirdo.

11 Movie Marathons To Watch On TV During Thanksgiving Weekend

From Dirty Harry to Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park to The Matrix, and Alfred Hitchcock to Bill Murray, there are a myriad of different ways to stuff yourself with movies this holiday.

Cleveland Police Kill 12-Year-Old Boy Seconds After Responding To Toy Gun Disturbance

Cleveland Police released video of the fatal shooting of Tamir Rice by a rookie officer. [Warning: disturbing video]

15 fatos que você não imaginava sobre o "Xou da Xuxa"

Os cenários originais eram do Maurício de Sousa e, na versão americana, as Paquitas se chamavam Pixies.

New Jersey Hiker Took 5 Pictures Of A Bear Before It Attacked And Killed Him

Darsh Patel, 22, was mauled to death by a 300-pound black bear while hiking in September.

17 People Who Already Won Thanksgiving 2014

The pilgrims weren't the only pioneers this year.

How ABC’s “Black-ish” Became America’s No. 1 New Comedy

The Anthony Anderson-led sitcom pokes fun at cultural, racial, and generational nuances, scoring mainstream success in the process.

84 Thoughts You Have When Sending The First Sext

Choosing erotic emojis is just the beginning.

Cat Up Your Life With BuzzFeed's All-Cats Newsletter!

Don't go another week without "This Week in Cats."

If Your Favorite Celebrities Were Chris Pratt

This is what they would look like.

21 Vintage Wedding Dresses That Won't Break The Bank

Nice day for a (vintage) white wedding (dress).

New Jobs For Old Star Wars Characters

We're willing to bet that many of the characters from the past six Star Wars films didn't make the cut for J.J. Abrams' forthcoming Episode VII. So, here's an illustrated guide to a few alternate job ideas for some of the Star Wars characters of films past.

Pharrell Subtly Asks For Justice During 'The Voice' Live Performance

As unrest in Ferguson continues, Pharrell Williams changes the lyrics to Louis Armstrong's "What A Wonderful World."

New Yorkers Voted For A Bunch Of Celebrities Instead Of Actual Candidates

Taylor Swift, Derek Jeter, and Frank Underwood all got votes.

19 Perfect Gifts Every Taylor Swift Fan Needs In Their Life

~I wish you would~ buy me all of these presents.

27 fotos que irritarán a los vendedores más de lo que deberían

Claro, continua y desdobla cada artículo sin ninguna intención de comprar nada.

Young Adults With HIV Are The Least Likely To Be Diagnosed

Americans 24 years old and younger are significantly less likely to be diagnosed with the HIV or receive treatment, according to a new CDC report.

19 Assholes Who Completely Owned Being An Asshole

Taking asshole to a whole new level.

19 Times Kate Beckinsale Was The Goddess Of Your Dreams

Step aside literally anyone else in Hollywood, because it's time to appreciate Kate.

18 LOL-Worthy Types Of Boy Band Photo Shoots

Reminder: If you grew up in the late '90s and early '00s you probably found these photos pretty sexy.

Feds Investigate Fire At Michael Brown Sr.'s Church In Ferguson

The church's pastor is blaming the blaze on white supremacists. Brown Sr. was baptized there this weekend.

Scott Stapp Is Broke, Hungry, And Living In A Holiday Inn

The Creed singer posted a 15-minute video to his Facebook saying he's been homeless due to recent money troubles.

Dog Howls While His Human Sings In Perfect Harmony

Would pay good money for this on iTunes.

San Diego State Suspended Frats After Sexual Harassment And Assault Allegations

On Friday, a "Take Back The Night" protest was interrupted when fraternity members yelled obscenities and threw eggs at protesters. On Tuesday, leaders of the SDSU Greek community announced an indefinite suspension of fraternities.

27 Delightfully Free Things To Do In NYC

Open your wallet. Now close it. You're not going to need it today.

9 Thanksgiving Questions You're Dying To Have Answered

What awkward personal questions will you be asked this year? Every Thanksgiving brings the same turkey and traditions, but there are some things you can't predict.

Bengals' Devon Still Allegedly Hasn't Paid Child Support In Months

The mother of four-year-old Leah Still says her daughter's medical bills have left them in financial duress.

Porn Stars Discuss The Effect Pornography Is Having On The Way We Have Sex

"What has been lost is the intimacy, the fun, the attraction, the exploration of a new partner or pleasing a partner in a new way."

21 Cats Psyching Themselves Up For Thanksgiving


The Hardest "One Tree Hill" Quiz You'll Ever Take

There's only One Tree Hill, and only one correct answer.

How Well Do You Know The "Jem" Cartoon?

Are you really a JEM Girl or Guy? Take the Quiz!

16 acteurs qui ont radicalement modifié leur poids pour un rôle

Comme nous, les stars alternent entre disette et gavage au burger. Sauf que nous, on ne gagne pas d'Oscar.

Which Of These Candy Colors Is A Photoshop Fake?

Can you spot all five impostors?

16 Tips To Keep Your Pets Safe And Happy This Thanksgiving

Say yes to pumpkin and no to nutmeg!

23 Reasons Astrology Obsessives Are Actually Goddesses

It's written in the constellations.

29 Gifts That Are Out Of This World

Find something for your very own cosmic wanderer of any age or planetary origin.

Bette Midler Is Sorry For Calling Ariana Grande "A Whore"

The latest diva feud comes to an end.

22 Tumblr Posts That Will Remind You Why Having Family Is The Best

Things we should be thankful for this Thanksgiving: our weird families.

BuzzFeed WKND: 11.26.14

Happy Thanksgiving and long weekend!

Turkish Forces Crack Down On Oil Smugglers After BuzzFeed News Investigation

"They besieged the town from all sides." The early-hours raid took place days after BuzzFeed News' Mike Giglio reported on one smuggling hub.

24 Of The Most Hilarious Ice Bucket Challenge Videos Of 2014

Who did you nominate this year? Warning: A few butts appear in this post.

18 Sandwiches To Be Thankful For

Let's be real, leftovers are the real star of November.

Out Of This World Food Traditions

As we gather around our dinner tables for Thanksgiving, many food traditions will ensue, everything from turkey to stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy. Similarly, NASA has a long history of food traditions, too.

Hundreds Of Holiday Flights Canceled As Winter Storm Hits East Coast

One of the busiest travel days of the year just got a whole lot more chaotic.

16 Things Cats Should Be Thankful For This Year

'Tis the season to be grateful, but your cat probably doesn't even know that.

22 Sentimientos que solo alguien que ame la Navidad puede reconocer

Porque esta es tu época favorita del año y la quieres disfrutar al máximo

Are These Reviews From A Recent Halo Or A Call Of Duty Game?

Two shooters, but what review is the game from?

Regardez un extrait de « Paddington » en exclusivité

Dans ce clip, l'ours Paddington traîne avec un garde de Buckingham Palace.

Nicht nur Du wirst alt, auch Angela Merkel

So wurde Kohls Mädchen zum neuen Kohl.

Wenn US-Amerikaner Deutschland auf einer Karte finden sollen ...

Wir könnten es anders herum auch nicht besser!

Tienes que ver a este perrito vestido de oso haciendo ejercicio

Munchkin está de vuelta, y más hermoso que nunca.

Gunmen Kill Polio Workers In Pakistan

Four health workers were killed and at least three more were injured, the New York Times reported. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack.

8 Cats With Comical Faces (Who Also Need New Homes)

We took some pen and paper to our feline friends here at Blue Cross Cambridge, and here's what happened...

The 12 Days Of Finals

On the first day of finals, my professor gave to me........

Jian Ghomeshi Charged With Sexual Assault

Nine women had come forward with allegations against Ghomeshi in recent months. The judge released him on bail and imposed a publication ban on all evidence and allegations presented at the trial.

Plane Gets Frozen To The Ground In Siberia, Passengers Get Out To Push

Russians braved temperatures of -62 degrees to get the aircraft on the runway.

7 Better Ways To Celebrate Thanksgiving

Shake things up this year with a New and Improved family celebration!

27 Before And Afters That Show The Power Of Special Effects

They say just showing up is 80%. Actually, showing up is like, 5%. The other 95% is green screen and special effects.

13 Charts That Will Get You Through Thanksgiving Weekend

Percentage of turkeys pardoned: 0.00001%

Jim Murphy Will Stand For Holyrood Even If He Loses The Scottish Labour Leadership Election

"Win, lose, or draw, that's my plan," the MP told BuzzFeed News.

19 People Who Totally Nailed Getting Into The Holiday Spirit

Nothing can ever be easy during the holidays.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Had Heart Surgery

The Supreme Court justice underwent a surgery for coronary blockage Wednesday. She is expected to be discharged in the next 48 hours.

13 Things That Happen To Vegetarians On Thanksgiving

In heaven you get an endless bowl of mashed potatoes.

42 razones por las que los perros siempre serán mejores que los gatos

He aquí las razones por las que todos deberíamos preferir los perros.

30 Addictive Game Apps You've Probably Never Heard Of

"Where did the last three hours go?"

25 Sätze, die junge Eltern nicht mehr hören können

"Ich will ja nichts sagen, aber ..."

20 choses que les Bretons en ont marre d'entendre

Non, on ne se réunit pas dans la forêt les nuits de pleine lune pour invoquer des dieux celtes.

24 Trivial Things That Send You Straight Into A Hulk Rage


29 Padres que son demasiado graciosos

El premio al mejor troll se lo llevan todos ellos.

39 Christmas Markets Across Europe To Visit Before You Die

From Berlin to Budapest to Birmingham, these Christmas markets will put you in a festive mood.

This Is What An Amazon Warehouse Looks Like A Month Before Christmas

This is either awesome or nightmarish and I'm not really sure which.

29 Dogs Who Will Make You Want To Be A Better Person

Nothing like a great dog to inspire you to be your best self.

23 Headlines That Will Make All Single People Say "And Yet I Still Can't Find Love?"

Hey, if these people can find someone, there's hope for you yet. Maybe.

21 Important Things Only A Little Sister Can Teach You

Don't tell them, but sometimes little sisters are wiser than big sisters.

Taylor Swift: "You Have To Make Sure That No One Can Call You A Crazy Bitch"

She looks A-mazing and speaks on point in the latest ASOS magazine. Here are the highlights.

This Is The Only Thing You Should Make With Your Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey

Turkey, bacon and two kinds of cheese. Enough said.

"I'm Not A Nutter" Says Man Who Left A Love Letter On A Lamppost

Rob likes Suzy, so left this message on a lamppost in Blackheath, South London.

16 TV Shows For Anyone Who Hates People

These shows will reaffirm your beliefs that people are, in fact, the worst. Perfectly timed for your Thanksgiving marathons when hiding from your family!

Metalfans sind auch nicht anders als Du

Total ernstgemeinte Posen von einer der besten Facebook-Seiten, die es gibt.

27 Clients From Hell You Definitely Never Want To Work With

"I'd like the white space more if there was more stuff in it." Clients From Hell has compiled stories about all the worst clients in the world. Here are some of the best.

21 Cosas que solo entenderán las chicas bajitas

No, no me puedes llamar oompa loompa.

19 Things That Only Taylor Swift Can Pull Off

So adorably awkward. And so insanely perfect.

Este gif do Romero Britto vai te deixar hipnotizado

Versão online do perfil da GQ sobre o artista plástico conta com o melhor e mais mesmerizante gif de todos os tempos.

"Frozen" Mania Means Elsa And Anna Could Claim Pokémon's Throne

The most successful animated film of all time will result in hundreds of millions in sales for retailers. It could even knock Pokémon from its two-decade stint as the king of all kids.

Las 17 etapas de hacer como que estás en un videoclip musical

¿Para qué si no se inventaron los auriculares?

How The Daily Mash Took Over The Internet

The strange tale of how a website set up by two newspaper journalists who "knew nothing" about the internet became Britain's go-to source for online satire.

21 Secrets University Support Staff Won't Tell You

Guess what? We don't like running information stalls any more than you like turning up to them.

Hong Kong Police Clear Protest Site And Arrest Leaders

The pro-democracy movement in the former British colony suffered a blow when officers removed tents and barricades in Mong Kok district. Meanwhile, seven Hong Kong police officers were arrested Wednesday for allegedly beating a protester in October.

8 Spectacular Resignations That Will Make You Want To Quit Your Job Immediately

Ever felt like resigning but weren’t sure how go out with just the right amount of bang? Learn from these masters.

Two Britons Arrested At Heathrow Over Syria Terror Offences

The pair were detained late on Tuesday night after flying back to the UK.

The Definitive Ranking Of Disney Channel Couples

It's time to see where Lizzie and Gordo really stack up.

14 Eye-Opening Facts About India's Porn-Watching Habits

Quartz and Pornhub went on an incredible deep-dive investigation of how India watches porn. Here are some facts they unearthed that made us laugh, scream, squirm, or go, "Huh."

George Osborne Looked Really Hungover Today

Some people apparently thought it made him look hot.

28 famosas que convirtieron el 2014 en el año del "bob"

Sólo intenta terminar de leer esto sin querer cortarte el pelo.

There Are Already Some Scientific Quibbles With "Jurassic World"

It seems that the film may not be completely scientifically accurate. Which is utterly shocking, honestly.

14 Things I Learned Doing Sub-Zero Yoga

Cold yoga is the new hot yoga.

This Video Of A Swan Attacking A Golfer Continues To Be Hilarious

It's the guy's laugh that makes it. A bit of NSFW language, so headphones required.

Paddington Gets Tea Served By A Queen's Guard In This Exclusive Clip From The New Film

Watch a charming preview of Paddington, which comes out on Friday.

In Ferguson, There's No "Typical" Protester

Protesters show up in Ferguson for a variety of reasons. Some want to cause chaos, while others want to stop it.

11 luttes que tous les gens avec une petite tête connaissent

Les chapeaux vous font ressembler à un personnage de dessin animé.

15 Leute, die das mit Autokorrektur lieber lassen sollten

Handy verbrennen, Briefe schreiben!

This Vine Of Liam Payne Taking Selfies With Fans Is Hilarious

It's just possible he might be losing the will to live.

YouTube Stars' Oreo Videos Banned By UK Advertising Watchdog

The Advertising Standards Authority says that videos made by British vloggers on behalf of the cookie company weren't clearly labelled as advertising.

Drop Everything And Watch This New "Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge" Trailer Right Now

The greatest love story of all time is re-releasing on December 12, people! THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

64 Reasons Growing Up At Hogwarts Ruins You For Life

"The stories we love live in us forever." –J.K. Rowling

Pro7-Show finanziert Werbung für legales Kiffen

Du kannst ihn in über 50 Kinos sehen

Live Updates: Protests Continue Throughout The Week In Ferguson And St. Louis

Protests continued in Ferguson and St. Louis after a grand jury decided Monday not to indict the police officer who killed Michael Brown. Joel Anderson and Jim Dalrymple II are reporting from Ferguson for BuzzFeed News.

Actress Veena Malik Sentenced To 26 Years In Jail For "Blasphemous Content"

Along with Malik, her husband, the owner of Geo TV, and the anchor of the show against which the claim was made have also been sentenced to jail time and a fine of 1.3 million Pakistani rupees each.

17 Struggles All Girls Who Play Games Will Understand

"No I am not buying this for my boyfriend, thank you very much."

Regardez l'incroyable métamorphose de ce chien abandonné

Pour les chiens vivant en refuge, un toilettage peut faire la différence entre la vie et la mort.

Danny Green Calls Convicted Murderer Brett Peter Cowan “The Lowest Form Of Scum"

The Australian boxer's words come the same day it is announced Brett Peter Cowan will be appealing his conviction.

18 Ways Being A Science Student Changes You Forever

Hypothesis: Scientists are the best. Experiment: No need of course we are.

This Video Subtly Sheds Light On What's Alarmingly Wrong With Indian Laws

"You can piss in public but can't kiss in public."

26 photos qui agaceront systématiquement tous les vendeurs

Bien sûr, allez-y, dépliez chaque article sans avoir l'intention d'en acheter un seul.

"The World Should See This"

Ferguson's could-be Mike Browns take a furious pride in the chaos they've caused. Their pride arose from despair about a system that they believe has failed them over and over again.

16 Hilariously Rude Christmas Cards

For your inner Grinch. NSFW language, obviously. All cards taken from KissMeKwik.

Matt Okine's Beautiful Bulge Just Killed The ARIAs Red Carpet

You can see all of his Triple J breakfast.

If Mr G From "Summer Heights High" Had Instagram

#TBT to that time I performed with a mask on for the whole drama class!

10 More Unbelievable Facts You Didn't Know About Hello Kitty

She's 40, lives in England, and worth over 7 billion dollars.

11 Lies Everyone Accepts As Fact

It’s time to get honest about a few things.

9 Celebrity Tweets You Missed Today

Here's what happened today!

12 Ways To Make It A Truly Australian Christmas

Once again, it's time for us to do Christmas is our own special way.

Smallest Monkey in the World Gets a Toothbrush Massage

The title pretty much says it all.

The Purpose Of The Ferguson Grand Jury Was Not To Get An Indictment

It was to take the decision out of St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Bob McCulloch's hands.

One Reason CSIRO Job Cuts Are Way More Depressing Than You'd Think

One in five jobs to go at Australia's premier science agency.

We Asked Australians To Label The United States And We’re So Sorry

In honour of Thanksgiving, BuzzFeed Oz joined our British counterparts in labeling a map of the United States to see how much we actually know about the country. Turns out it's not a lot.

Australian Celebrities Record Protest Song For Refugee Children In Detention

Ita Buttrose, Margaret Pomeranz and more come together for the We're Better Than This Australia campaign.

This Guy Went Out And Found Real Life Locations From "Assassins Creed"

The detail that goes into making a video game today is absolutely insane!

Holiday Dinner Disasters

Get through the holiday season with help from America's Funniest Videos. For more, visit

11 Truths That Ladies With Guy Friends All Know

"So, like, do you guys all hook up?!"

Ferguson Protesters March In Major Cities From Coast To Coast

Groups shut down roads and bridges to protest a St. Louis County grand jury's decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson for shooting Michael Brown.

Poll: Do You Like Pulp In Orange Juice?

This is very important.

Officer Darren Wilson Breaks His Silence, Says "I Did My Job Right"

The Ferguson police officer who fatally shot Michael Brown spoke out for the first time Tuesday in a televised interview.

16 Reasons Why Thanksgiving At Haley And Nathan Scott's Home Is The Best

Everyone's favorite One Tree Hill couple throws the nicest holiday dinners.

5 Reasons You Should Hire Me

Dear Hiring Manager, Below please find 5 reasons as to why I would make for a productive contribution to your company.

How Gordon Ramsay's "MasterChef Junior" Became The Cutest Cooking Show On TV

Mix precocious 10-year-olds with a famously volatile host and add large knives and open flames. How MasterChef Junior's recipe for trainwreck TV became a feel-good twist on the cooking competition show.

6 Problems Everyone In Retail Knows

Problems we’ve all experienced while working in the wonderful world of retail!

13 Pop Stars: First Album Vs. Now

Gwen Stefani has looked the same for the past 20 years. Inspired by this post.

Teen Sleeps Outside For Four Days To Win 12-Month Supply Of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

Perth native Favian Lin has camped outside the new store since Sunday.

15 Cape Dresses You Need In Your Life Right Now

Cape dresses: They're a thing and they are awesome.

Lyft's Silence On Uber

Lyft and Uber have been locked in a ruthless corporate dogfight for the past year... so why has the ride-sharing underdog been so quiet during Uber's nightmare week?

"Horrible Bosses 2" Is The Kind Of Sequel That Makes You Forget You Liked The First Movie

Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, and Jason Sudeikis are back for a follow-up to their hit comedy that has none of the laughs of the original.

12 Christmas Stories From Your Childhood

The holiday season is upon us. Here is a selection of classic Christmas stories to reminiscence about your childhood or to share with your children and create even more Christmas memories.

How A Big Change In "Mockingjay – Part 1" Will Affect "Part 2"

The filmmakers behind the final Hunger Games movies talk to BuzzFeed News about Katniss' motivation and how dark the climactic film will be. WARNING: ALL OF THE SPOILERS ahead.

5 Kitchen Projects To Get You Ready For Hosting

Take some of pro cabinet maker Camille Finan’s advice and update your kitchen so it’s looking fabulous for the holiday season! For more project ideas, check out her book, Kitchen Love Story.

27 Urinals That Will Help You Forget How Awkward Peeing Is

This will a-pee-se you... a-PEE-se you...

Car Plows Through Crowd During Ferguson Rally In Minneapolis

One woman's legs were pulled under the car. Her injuries were not life threatening.

12 Nicholas Sparks Movies You'll Never See

In between the time it takes for those white people staring longingly at each other to finally kiss, these movies still won't ever happen.

The Prime Minister In Monty Python Is Actually Perfect

"Tis but a scratch... an efficiency dividend."

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