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    21 Ways To Make Your Kid's Birthday Extra Special

    Because you want your kid to have the best day ever.

    1. Fill your birthday kid's bedroom with balloons as they sleep.

    In the morning they won't believe their eyes.

    2. You can also surprise them with a "balloon avalanche."

    You'll know they're awake when you hear their laughter.

    3. Write a birthday message on their bathroom mirror.

    Learn more (including how to clean the message off afterward) here.

    4. Tell your kid the story of their birth.

    Flickr: ppym1 / Via Creative Commons

    This is a sweet way to remind them of just how loved they are.

    5. Turn their bath into a party.

    Find out more here.

    6. Celebrate a "birthday week."

    Flickr: arlingtonva / Via Creative Commons

    Do something simple, but fun, like going out for ice cream or taking a trip to the park after school, in each of the days leading up to your kid's birthday.

    7. Surprise your birthday kid with a balloon wreath when they come home from school.

    Learn how to make one here.

    8. Have a birthday countdown.

    Flickr: 76476049@N00 / Via Creative Commons

    This is great for both little kids (who are often confused about when their birthday is) and bigger kids (who will find counting down to the big day exciting).

    9. Serve up a special breakfast with a birthday candle.

    Flickr: wayneandwax / Via Creative Commons

    A kid can never blow out too many candles on their birthday.

    10. Serve your kid's food on a special birthday plate.

    Order one like this here or learn how to DIY a "You Are Special Today" plate here.

    11. Encourage your fellow drivers to wish your kid a happy birthday.

    Flickr: merelymel / Via Creative Commons

    Older kids might find this embarrassing, but younger kids will love the attention.

    12. Present your kid with a special birthday shirt to wear.

    This will make them feel special and ensure that no one forgets to wish them a happy birthday.

    13. A fun alternative to a birthday shirt is a birthday button.

    Flickr: 78816136@N04 / Via Creative Commons

    14. Make it a tradition to measure your kid's height on their birthday.

    Flickr: wuertele / Via Creative Commons

    In subsequent years your kid will look forward to this moment to find out how much they've grown since their last birthday.

    15. Have everyone in your family tell the birthday kid what they love about them.

    Flickr: 74576085@N00 / Via Creative Commons

    It will boost your kid's self esteem and bring them closer to their loved ones.

    16. Individually wrap the items in your birthday kid's lunch.

    Learn more about this here, including how you should probably only wrap one item with smaller children.

    17. Designate a chair of honor for your birthday kid.

    Order this cover here for just $8.00.

    18. Present your kid with a birthday crown.

    Flickr: clanlife / Via Creative Commons

    These may not be as in vogue as they once were, but they sure do make a birthday kid feel special.

    19. Hide a present and give your birthday kid clues to find it.

    Flickr: samuelhteer / Via Creative Commons

    Make finding the present every bit as fun as opening it.

    20. Make a donation to a charity of your kid's choosing.

    Teaching your kid to think beyond themselves on their birthday will make the day extra meaningful.

    21. Make a photo slide show of the last year starring your birthday kid.

    Flickr: snoopdrew / Via Creative Commons

    These can easily be made using iMovie or Windows Movie Maker, and are fun for the whole family to watch.

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