16 Awkward Interview Stories That Will Make You Cringe

    You'll definitely feel better about your own interview after reading about these.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their most awkward interview stories. Here are their cringeworthy responses.

    1. Submitted by Hannah Perrio (Facebook)

    I once went on this group interview (already a tragedy) at a skating rink. Instead of the normal interview questions most logical folks would expect, we were asked to freestyle rap and compete in a hokey pokey competition. After all that nonsense, I still didn't get a callback. I guess I wasn't what it was all about.

    2. Submitted by erinm4050ead78

    They asked me what 8x5 was. I counted on my hands and still said 32. Needless to say I didn't get that job.

    3. Submitted by Megan Otto (Facebook)

    When asked what I thought my weaknesses were, I replied by saying, "It's funny, because when you ask for a weakness you're still supposed to try and use it at as a strength... it's kind of like that Rihanna song where she says, 'I may be bad but I'm perfectly good at it.'" I was met with a dead stare and a large cloud of awkwardness growing between us.

    4. Submitted by ClairBear

    I commented on a picture she had on her desk, "Oh, is that you and your dad?" No. It was a picture of her and her husband. I did not get the job.

    5. Submitted by Sarah Stevens (Facebook)

    I fainted in a job interview. I was applying to be a developmental aide at a preschool for children with special needs. The woman who was interviewing me walked me around to show me the place, and then while we were in the older kids' room, I started feeling dizzy and hot. The next thing I knew, I was lying on one of the kid's nap mats and she was giving me a Dixie cup of orange juice.

    Incredibly enough, I got the job. When I later asked her why, when I had actually PASSED OUT mid-interview, she said that when I came to and got a little juice in me, I looked her dead in the face and said "So tell me more about your program." She said that anyone who could keep their shit together after something like that had what it took to work with special needs kids.

    6. Submitted by sjv218

    I was conducting an interview for a position that would report to me and was explaining how we used an online tool like Google Drive to store and share files. In my explanation, I meant to say that it was a "repository" of information, but mixed up my words and ended up saying it was a "suppository" of information.

    7. Submitted by Mallorie Gordon (Facebook)

    The nearly hour-long torture interview was awkward enough...but when I was walking out, I forgot how heavy the door leading into the room was. I go to open it, and I basically shut the door on half of my body. So I'm halfway inside the room and halfway in the hallway. My gut reaction was to scream, "OH GOD! THIS IS THE END!"

    8. Submitted by Jennifer Lucas (Facebook)

    Inexplicably, I said my favorite comedian was Frankie Boyle, then started spewing offensive jokes. To try and salvage the situation I then started talking about how paying attention to detail was one of my strong points. I got home to find I was only wearing one earring.

    9. Submitted by Toya Davis (Facebook)

    I accidentally blew a snot bubble, and it dripped out of my nose and on my résumé. I politely saw myself out without saying a word.

    10. Submitted by Jade Goldy (Facebook)

    I went to go sit down in a rolling chair. It kept moving and my ass soon landed hard on the wood floor.

    11. Submitted by Alycia K Mooney (Facebook)

    Last week I had an interview for a marketing coordinator position and was getting over a cold. The interview was going great until a cough crept up on me and I began hacking persistently for what seemed like a half hour. During the coughing fit, clear snot was running out of my nose and my eyes were watering profusely. Thankfully, the one interviewer kindly got a water bottle and some tissue to help the situation. Of course I apologized many times after that incident and ended up getting a second interview for this Thursday. At least they know I'm not a robot.

    12. Submitted by Nicole Mello (Facebook)

    I was interviewing at a child care facility. I am naturally a very nervous, awkward person, so when I was asked how I feel about children and discipline, I said that I didn't believe in "capital punishment," obviously meaning "corporal."

    13. Submitted by Brittany Boxley (Facebook)

    I was running late to an interview, and as I stepped out of my car, my dress hem ripped. It ripped far up enough that it was inappropriate to say the least. As I walked in, I awkwardly held my purse behind my butt while shaking hands with everyone.

    14. Submitted by davidl4984a88d7

    When I first qualified as a mental health nurse, I went for an interview with the NHS. I was ridiculously nervous, which led to me completely missing my seat as I sat down, only narrowly missing the interviewers' table with my chin.

    15. Submitted by Kate36

    I was interviewing for a position at Facebook my senior year of college and the interviewer asked me what I was passionate about. I was so nervous I just shouted "CATS!" and made the interviewer jump because I literally shouted. He looked at me, nodded, and asked me to explain why. So I explained why I love cats and about how they are just misunderstood for the next five minutes.

    16. Submitted by Nita G

    I used the bathroom and came back and said, "Now you have to hire me; I just marked my territory."

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