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    10 DIY Ways To Add A Touch Of Fall To Your Decor

    Time to peep some leaves.

    1. Autumn Leaf Candle Holder

    Spark & Chemistry / Via

    Cast a fall glow with foliage-covered candled holders.

    2. FallFetti

    Hipaholic / Via

    A quick and easy way to make a fun addition to your table decor.

    3. Paper Leaf Garland

    Lia Griffith / Via

    Cut up some paper leaves and hang 'em up as garland or turn 'em into a cool wreath.

    4. Fabric Deco Balls

    Ama Ryllis / Via

    Fabric scraps turned into cool origami-style decorations.

    5. Typographic Coasters

    Fairgoods / Via

    Call out your favorite fall drinks on cork coasters.

    6. Leaf Initial

    The Thrifty Abode / Via

    Bring the great outdoors in with beautiful leaf-covered letters.

    7. Starburst Trivet

    Lin / Via

    An easy paper trivet is great for the table, even better hung on the wall.

    8. Faux Copper Vase

    Oleander & Palm / Via

    What better way to display your favorite fall blooms than with a gorgeous vase with a rustic feel.

    9. Cinnamon Toddy

    Better Homes & Gardens / Via

    Cozy up by the fire (or your radiator) with a Cinnamon Pumpkin Hot Toddy.

    10. Natural Room Scents

    The Yummy Life / Via

    Create just the right atmosphere with a range of custom room scents.

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