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    25 Things Every Scrapbooker Knows To Be True

    Success in life is measured only in terms of the number of embellishments that you own. #scrapbookthuglife.

    1. A craft store coupon, though common, is the only justification necessary for a shopping spree.


    Bonus points if they'll let you use two coupons in one sale.

    2. It is totally a thing to prefer a tape runner over glue dots...

    Who the heck has time for all of that peeling?!

    3. ...And you will totally use anything else to avoid them completely.

    RT @clairenfreeby using modge podge for scrapbooking because i'm all out of double stick tape #thestruggle #scrapbookerprobs

    Scrapbook Journaling@ScrapbookJournlFollow

    RT @clairenfreeby using modge podge for scrapbooking because i'm all out of double stick tape #thestruggle #scrapbookerprobs

    9:59 PM - 06 Apr 13ReplyRetweetFavorite

    4. You have serious Silhouette envy, and the urge to spend an entire paycheck on one is such a constant internal battle.


    For good measure, you make sure to enter every single Silhouette giveaway on all of your favorite craft blogs. Dream big.

    5. You get anxiety if you know you're going to be away from your craft supplies for a while.

    6. You have a loyalty to one craft store, and going anywhere else feels like cheating on a lover.


    Where my Michael's people at?!

    7. You use your paper trimmer for completely unnecessary things because it's so fun to use.


    Opening envelopes, cutting tags off shirts, the sky's the limit.

    8. You feel like you could never own too many embellishments...

    9. ...Yet you stockpile all of them because you don't want to use the "good" ones.


    "I'm saving this sparkly bird sticker for a very special occasion!"

    10. The same thing inevitably happens with your paper stash.

    11. You have been involved in a heated debate over square vs. rounded corners.


    And a mix of both makes your eye twitch.

    12. You think about the way you take pictures in terms of how they'll look on a scrapbook page.


    You know exactly what kind of paper to back the photo on, and you haven't even snapped it yet.

    13. You are totally content spending your weekend nights in to scrapbook.

    14. Your friends constantly ask, "If I print out all of these photos will you make a scrapbook for me?"


    This normally results in torn feelings because a) yes, you would love to do it, but b) you have so many minor life events of your own to scrapbook already.

    15. All of your best jokes revolve around scrapbooking.

    16. Your friends know that their birthday and holiday gifts will probably include some kind of paper craft.


    And they're probably a bit sick of it.

    17. Your most pinned to Pinterest board obviously revolves around craft room porn...


    So. Much. Beautiful. Storage.

    18. ...But you don't have a craft room and achieving anything but piles and mess in your lack of space is impossible.

    19. You save literally every ticket/receipt/napkin/paper good that comes through your hands in the hope that you can use it in a spread.

    The CW / Via

    20. Forgetting where you put your ephemera and completing your page without it is a tragic event that is to be mourned.

    When you save real life scraps for a certain page but forget and make the page without them :( #scrapbookingproblems

    Gretchen Mayes@G_aMAYESingFollow

    When you save real life scraps for a certain page but forget and make the page without them :( #scrapbookingproblems

    4:03 AM - 11 Oct 12ReplyRetweetFavorite

    21. Having to run out for emergency supplies in the middle of a groove is the worst case scenario for any scrapbooking session.

    22. Well-executed layouts make your scrapbook hormones tingle. WARNING: the following photos may cause tension below the waist.


    Like this one.


    Or this chunky one.


    Digital is hot, too.

    23. There is no worse feeling than completing a book and then this happens:

    24. Thinking about all of the things that happened in your life before you started scrapbooking gives you anxiety.

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    So many life events not down on glittered paper.

    25. Finishing a book and going through it over and over is the best feeling in the world.


    ~All of the memories.~

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