21 People Who Have No Idea How Australian Food Works

    "What is Tim Tam?"

    1. This person who has lost touch with reality.

    2. Because how can you actually not like fairy bread?

    3. This person who just doesn't get it.

    4. This sad person who doesn't realise that meat pies are a national treasure.

    5. Also this person who is the real disappointment.

    6. "I don't know what Tim Tam is." Ugh.

    7. This person who needs a serious education.

    8. No, Boo. We are the ones who are sorry.

    9. Layla, who needs to get her shit together.

    10. This old mate who needs to head down to the nearest takeaway joint pronto.

    11. #JusticeForPollyWaffles

    12. This person who is 50 shades of wrong.

    13. This person who needs to get their palate checked.

    14. This person who should be blacklisted from entering the country.

    15. And this person who just doesn't get it.

    16. This person who clearly has no sense of fun.

    17. And this person who should never be invited anywhere ever again.

    18. This garbage person.

    19. This person who needs to sort their life out.

    20. This person who offended an entire country in one sentence.

    21. And this person who needs to pack their bags and move on out, because this is just un-Australian.

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