21 Signs You’ve Let Shonda Run Your Life For Too Long

    It's time to step away from the wine and popcorn.

    1. You now refer to your friend as your person.

    2. And you now think of being with your partner as someone you "stand in the sun" with.

    3. If someone bought you a house in Vermont you would fall in love with them instantly.

    4. Your diet mainly consists of wine and popcorn.

    5. You believe you have the qualifications to be an excellent attorney.

    6. And you know if you had to, you could totally get away with murder.

    7. You've self-diagnosed yourself multiple times based on things you've seen on Grey's.

    8. You've even considered going to med school because you already have so much knowledge.

    9. You see elevators as prime make-out locations.

    10. And you only accept compliments on your brains, not beauty.

    11. Anytime something suspicious happens in the government, you wonder if B613 is behind it.

    12. And when there's a public scandal, you wonder how Olivia would handle it.

    13. You refuse to go to any Denny's restaurant because it's too heartbreaking.

    14. And eggs means something totally different to you now.

    15. One minute is no longer a unit of time, but a confession of love.

    16. Your solution to any stressful situation is to dance it out.

    17. When a fuckboy tries to get with you, you automatically channel your inner Olivia Pope.

    18. You own at least one item from the Olivia Pope clothing line.

    19. You're still wondering what in the world Connor did to make that guy's eyes water.

    20. And you can't help thinking about what Cristina's up to now and if she's EVER COMING BACK!

    21. People know better than to call you on Thursday nights because everyone knows that's Shonda's day and you're not to be disturbed.