17 Tweets Every Left-Handed Person Will Totally Relate To

    It's a right-handed world and we're just living in it.

    1. When the margins on your paper unnecessarily increase:

    2. When you have to fit your hand in between the rings of a binder:

    Left handed problems: the ring of ur binder

    3. And it later becomes a work of art:

    4. When you walk into a classroom and see nothing but right-handed privilege:

    5. And when you find a left-handed desk and feel eternally blessed:

    They do exist!!!!! Talk about left handed people problems 😂 @NiallOfficial @LeftHandersClub

    6. When friends who you've known for years BARELY realize you're left-handed...

    #growinguplefthanded all the time😂😂 @em__power

    7. ...and then all of a sudden become fascinated with how your hand functions:

    This is absolutely true. #Truth #LeftieStruggle

    8. When even scissors have it out for you:

    It's not a scissor. It's a torture device made to mock the left handers community. #injustice #lefthanded #problems

    9. When technology openly discriminates against your left-hand...

    The new iPhone is causing problems for left handed users http://t.co/wELoDF67c2

    10. ...as do emojis:

    #NewEmoji update doesn’t even try to hide the middle finger it’s giving to left-handed people.

    11. When "bumpin' elbows" with people means to literally bump elbows:

    problems to face doing hw with left-handed brother😒😒😒

    12. When you'd rather starve than have to deal with a can opener:

    Leftie problems #46 Old fashioned can openers

    13. When ice cream scoops mock you:

    The Ice Cream Utensil community hates us left handed people :(

    14. When others think you work for the dark side:

    Raise your hand if you remember sacrificing yourself to Satan ✋😂 #growinguplefthanded

    15. When writing on a white board is basically pointless:

    Oh white board , the bane of my existance #leftHanded

    16. When even the U.S. president gets the struggle:

    He's soooo left handed😩💅🏽RT @politico: Obama vetoes massive defense bill over budget spat | Getty

    17. And finally, when you realize that some of the most successful around were and are left-handed:

    It's international left handed day!!!! #lefthanded !!!!!