Daylight Savings Is The Literal Worst And No One Is Talking About It

    They literally took away the sun from us and you are all celebrating an extra hour of sleep.

    Every year at this time, the government takes the sun away from us, so that people can feel the impending dark in their schools and workplaces even sooner than normal.

    The particular horror of this act of cruelty is even more apparent when you realize that the days are already getting darker and darker as it is.

    You'd think this act of injustice would be met with open rebellion.

    A powerful uprising against the encroaching forces of darkness.

    But instead ...

    You monsters celebrate.

    You literally rejoice at this horrifying injustice because you get one, pathetic extra hour of sleep ...

    On the weekend. WHEN YOU CAN SLEEP IN ANYWAY.

    Enjoy the death of the sun, you poor, deluded sheep.

    And wake me up in March, when we can finally put this right again.