29 Incredibly Delicious Ways To Eat Eggs For Every Meal

    Eggspress yourself.

    1. In huevos rancheros with potatoes.

    2. In little cups made of hash browns.

    3. Or straight up baked in a potato.

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    4. Cooked in a muffin tin with some quinoa.

    5. In the middle of bell peppers with some bacon, spinach, cheese, and green onions.

    6. Baked into your favorite loaf of bread.

    7. In a puff pastry goat cheese soufflé.

    8. With sausage and cheese grits.

    9. On top of a breakfast pizza.

    10. Scrambled with chorizo for some really fucking delicious breakfast tacos.

    11. Mixed into a Sriracha and mayo egg salad.

    12. In the middle of a fresh, hot, avocado and bacon quesadilla.

    13. With deviled yolks.

    14. In the middle of a grilled cheese sandwich.

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    15. As one of many toppings on a cobb salad.

    16. Soft-scrambled, and topped with ricotta.

    17. On top of your croque madame.

    18. In a scramble with brussels, cranberries, greens, pesto, bacon, cheese, and a few other delicious things.

    19. In a make-ahead, Greek-inspired casserole.

    20. Poached, on top of a chard and sausage hash.

    22. On top of fried rice.

    23. Stuffed in the middle of a flank steak.

    24. On top of a crepe filled with mushroom ragout.

    25. With pizza sauce and mozzarella.

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    You can also add pepperoni at the same time as the cheese.

    26. On top of a hot bowl of ramen.

    27. Baked in sweet potatoes.

    28. Nestled in a bed of tomatoes.

    29. Cooked in the heat of a spicy tomato sauce.