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A Group Of College Friends Dressed Up As 90s Bridal Party For Halloween And Had A Fake Wedding

Halloween #squadgoals.

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The group of friends from St. Mary's College in Indiana celebrated Halloween by dressing up as a full 90s bridal party, complete with matching monogrammed robes...


She said Hogan called dibs on being the "bride."

The friends really committed to their characters, she said. "We had a flower girl, the 'best-friend-from-growing-up bridesmaid,' the 'friend-from-college bridesmaid,' and the 'cousin-who-is-obliged-to-be-in-the-wedding bridesmaid,'" she said.

She said there was no groom which was kind of "us making fun of ourselves."

"Saint Mary's is a smaller, all-girls school right across the street from co-ed Notre Dame," she said. "So to anyone who asked us, we would just say it was a very 'Saint Mary's wedding.'"

"Maybe this will be a new thing for us," she said. "Don't know how we'll top it."

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