16 BFFs Who Know The True Meaning Of Friendship

    Forever and ever.

    1. This lil' guy helping his bro through a tough time:

    2. The friend who sent this card to his buddy who lost his erection during sex:

    3. These kittens with an undeniable bond:

    4. This friend who knows bacon and pie is the ultimate apology:

    5. This person who tells their friend ALL their weird dreams:

    6. This cool cat who pulled the good ol' hole-in-the-chair trick:

    7. These friends who have always been there for each other:

    8. This inseparable duo:

    9. This friend who helped with the move — and labeled the boxes:

    10. Chris's friend, who still makes him pancakes despite Chris's obvious faults:

    11. The BFF who wanted to make Alissa's and Andrew's birthdays memorable:

    12. This guy who acknowledges his friends' importance in his thesis:

    13. This person who mailed their bestie a potato — just because:

    14. This friend who switched their friend's soap with organic cheese:

    15. The friend who knew to document his buddy sleeping with a refrigerator door:

    16. And the man who cherishes every moment with his BFF: