19 Things Girls Too Lazy For A Beauty Routine Know To Be True

    You know how I look this good? SLEEP, that's how.

    1. Dry shampoo is your religion.

    2. If you ever do anything this fancy, it's only because you haven't washed your hair this week.

    3. Same goes for hats.

    4. And when you do wash, it's like, who needs a blowout?

    5. You can go all day with wet hair.

    6. Also, finding days-old bobby pins in there isn't a rare occurrence.

    7. So you fantasize about cutting it all off...

    8. ... but this bedhead thing is just so you.

    9. And honestly, bangs are a great way to hide stray brow hairs.

    10. You know, since no one's ever noticed how bushily beautiful YOURS are.

    11. As skincare goes, you're keeping the face wipe industry afloat.

    12. But really, this is the only face mask you need in your life.

    13. When it comes to makeup, um, does "highlighter" translate literally to "face sweat/grease I actually have to apply"?

    14. And wait... lipstick requires a brush and liner?

    15. Is this a torture device or what?

    16. And like, who needs liner when you could just wear sunglasses all the time?

    17. You tried contouring once.

    18. Besides, you don't want to like this post-rainstorm.

    19. And those extra hours of sleep are pretty dope, too.

    Laze on, lazy girls!