Jarryd Hayne Has Been Cut From The San Francisco 49ers Squad

    The former NRL star is reportedly "shocked and upset" by the news.

    Former Australian NRL star Jarryd Hayne's fledgling NFL career has hit a speed bump, with the San Francisco 49ers announcing Saturday that Hayne has been cut from their squad.

    After an impressive start to the pre-season that got tongues wagging across the globe, Hayne has received criticism over his more recent appearances.

    Channel 7 reported that Hayne was "shocked" and "upset" over the decision, which saw him dropped from the 49ers 53-large active squad.

    On Weekend Sunrise, L.A. correspondent Angela Cox said Hayne had found out the news on the team bus.

    "The team is due to play tomorrow. He thought he was going to be playing," she said. "He's really shocked, very upset about this."

    However, Hayne tweeted positively about the news, saying he was "blessed for another test".

    Blessed for another test. Thanks for the love TW. Wish my guys all the best against the Rams. if nothing happens Ill be back on Tuesday✌🏽

    Hayne has technically been "waived", meaning any other NFL team can now pick him up and add him to their squad. However, if no other teams choose to pick up Hayne, he can return to the 49ers practice squad.

    Hayne's agent, Jack Bechta, said on Twitter he believes the Saturday announcement is a sign the 49ers would prefer Hayne to remain with them.

    Jarryd will most likely be back to work on Mon or Tues either with the Niners or another team. he has to clear waivers now over next 48 hrs.

    the NFL waiver system gives 31 other teams the right to claim a non vested player. the claiming order goes from current worst record to best

    when teams waive a player on a Sat its usually a sign they r trying 2 sneak them thru waivers. harder 4 others 2 make claim over the weekend

    Hayne was dropped to make room on the active roster for 24-year-old running back Kendall Gaskins.

    The #49ers have promoted RB Kendall Gaskins to the active roster, waive RB Jarryd Hayne. https://t.co/RZFPQ4G315