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Taylor Swift Won Halloween With Her Adorable "Frozen" Costume

No, she didn't go as Elsa.

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While Taylor Swift has always been pretty good at Halloween, this year she really went above and beyond.

Last year, she rocked a comfy-cozy pegacorn costume and earlier this week she shared a #TBT to the year she went dressed as a Teletubby.

Not only did the pop star dress up as Olaf from Frozen during a concert in Tampa, Florida, on Saturday night...

She also turned her dancers into reindeer...

Mark Villaver / Via

Here she is singing "Style" with one of her reindeers because why not.

And then invited Idina Menzel — aka the real-life Elsa — to join her on stage to sing "Let It Go."

Some Halloween celebrations are worth melting for.

IdinaMenzel / Via
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