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23 Products That'll Help You Be An Actual Adult

Because your dirty laundry won't wash itself.

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4. This coffee mug with a real time thermometer ($25).

Know exactly when you should drink your steamy liquids because as an adult, your mouth shouldn't ever play victim to the fury of scorching hot coffee. Get it here.

13. This "drink water" sticker gadget ($18).

If you haven’t had any water in over 30 minutes, the sticker will buzz and a red light will flash every 3 minutes. Think about how useful this would be when you get a little too turnt. STAY HYDRATED folks. Available here.

16. These inspirational pillows for when you wake up at 5 AM with the intention to ~exercise~ ($97).

Or hit your roommate in the face with it if you both have goals to work out in the morning. Get it here.

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