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    23 Products That'll Help You Be An Actual Adult

    Because your dirty laundry won't wash itself.

    1. This dumbbell alarm clock ($20).

    2. This calendar memo tape ($3).

    3. This motivational laundry bag ($30).

    4. This coffee mug with a real time thermometer ($25).

    5. This grocery bag ($17).

    6. These urgent sticky notes ($7).

    7. These motivational notebooks ($10).

    8. A miracle laundry folder ($25).

    9. This doorganizer that'll ensure that you'll never be keyless again ($15).

    10. This bathroom brain exerciser ($3).

    11. These pillows that you can write notes on ($50).

    Available here.

    12. These napkins that'll help you eat healthier ($24).

    13. This "drink water" sticker gadget ($18).

    If you haven’t had any water in over 30 minutes, the sticker will buzz and a red light will flash every 3 minutes. Think about how useful this would be when you get a little too turnt. STAY HYDRATED folks. Available here.

    14. This ring bottle opener ($5).

    15. This take-out-the-trash trashcan ($5).

    16. These inspirational pillows for when you wake up at 5 AM with the intention to ~exercise~ ($97).

    17. This toothbrush with an eco-friendly reminder ($7).

    18. This notepad that has high goals ($5).

    19. This voice reminder pill box ($16).

    20. This suction mug that's adamant that it won't spill over ($30).

    21. This magnetic canvas ($179).

    22. These imperative towels that care about your health ($18).

    23. This chalkboard pad that lets you record your thoughts without wasting paper ($50).