Kezia Dugdale Patiently Answered 16 Of Your Stupid Questions

    The Scottish Labour leader believes she could eat seven apples before vomiting, would rather fight 50 duck-sized horses than one horse-sized duck, and thinks she could beat up a baboon.

    Jeremy Corbyn has revolutionised Prime Minister's Questions since becoming Labour leader by getting members of the public to send in their questions. We asked you do to the same for Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale.

    1. Mark Riley demanded to know whether Dugdale would rather be attacked by 50 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck.

    @JamieRoss7 would she rather be attacked by 50 duck sized horses or 1 horse sized duck?

    "Fifty duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck?" Dugdale said. "Em, I've probably got more of a fighting chance with the 50 duck-sized horses. You can kick them out of the way, but I don't fancy trying to kick a horse-sized duck. Yes, I would kick the horse-sized ducks."

    2. Lizzie wanted to know exactly what kind of odour emanates from Jeremy Corbyn.

    @JamieRoss7 would you ask her what Jeremy Corbyn smells like?

    "I've noticed no notable odour. It's not the smell I've been struck by but that he gives great cuddles – we're at the cuddling stage now, we advanced to that at date number three. He's great, a very affable, principled gentlemen and he's great fun to spend time with.

    "He was thrilled about the tax credits policy [which was announced on Saturday]. I told him about it just before the speech. He really liked it, I got another cuddle."

    3. Lesmodine from Glasgow asked exactly how many apples the Scottish Labour leader could eat before vomiting.

    @JamieRoss7 how many apples does she think she could eat before she was sick?

    "Seven. Actually, it depends what kind of apples. If they were Pink Ladies, posh apples, I could probably have a few. If it was those really tart Braeburn apples, fewer than that. And the ones I really hate are the ones with the soft skins, Macintosh apples – I wouldn't even touch them."

    4. Alex from Scotland wanted to know how Dugdale's vocally pro-independence dad was getting on.

    "I have no idea. I've been a bit busy. I'm sure he's fine, what's he been saying on Twitter?"

    5. Ross from Dumfries wanted to know about Dugdale's cleaning routine.

    @JamieRoss7 Does she hoover then dust or dust then hoover?

    "Neither. I don't have a reputation for being a particularly tidy person. I do like my Dyson, though. When needs must, I am pretty nifty with the Dyson."

    6. Portcullis wanted to know if Dugdale would give up politics if she was beaten by Ruth Davidson's Conservatives next year in the Scottish election.

    @JamieRoss7 will she resign if Labour comes behind the Tories next year?

    "It's not going to happen. All my life I've heard of the Tories' next great big revival, and you know what, it never comes. There's this sense that Ruth Davidson is this popular face of Conservatism and she can jump on a tank and smile and hold a fish, and isn't it all fantastic. Annabel Goldie was just the same, this is no different. I don't expect a Tory revival."

    7. Scott from Leeds wanted to clear up confusion over whether Dugdale preferred salt and vinegar or salt and sauce on her chippy meals.

    @JamieRoss7 does she have a firm position on salt and vinegar vs salt and sauce yet? @JournoStephen

    "Aw man, I'm going to lose about 50,000 votes here. I like salt and vinegar, I don't like salt and sauce. That's a bold statement when you represent Edinburgh, but I think it's filthy."

    8. Aidan wanted Dugdale to sort out the "scone" versus "scone" debate once and for all.

    @JamieRoss7 or just ask her if she says scone or scone


    9. John wanted to know if Dugdale has been surprised by a refusal by the SNP to use a power they could use.

    @JamieRoss7 Which is the most-surprising refusal by the SNP to use a power that the ScotParl already has?

    "Gender equality. Women 50/50, why not just bloody do it? I don't understand it. The number of different excuses they have – legally we're not sure, the lawyers don't know – I didn't hear that on any of the other bold things they want to do. Nicola Sturgeon says she backs the campaign – get your MPs to vote for it."

    10. Guffers wanted Dugdale to name the largest species of monkey she believes she could beat up.

    @JamieRoss7 What is the largest species of monkey you could take in a square go?

    "A baboon. I'd give that a go."

    11. Ewan from Scotland asked which of the Milibands Dugdale was more keen on.

    @JamieRoss7 Ed Miliband or David Miliband?

    "I voted for Ed, so definitely David."

    Asked if she'd like to see David Miliband return to the party, she said: "Why would he want to? When you're doing the work he's doing, he's big pals with Hilary Clinton, he's rocking it out in New York, I don't think he wants to come back to Portcullis House and drink weak tea."

    12. Daisy from Banff was looking for some tips for stage fright.

    @JamieRoss7 Does she have any tips for dealing with stage-fright before speaking in front of large crowds?

    "No. If she's got any, can she give them to me? I had terrible fear yesterday I was going to get hiccups before I went onstage and that almost brought it on, I was panicking, it nearly brought it on. What would I do if I had hiccups during a 45-minute speech?"

    13. Callum was curious to know whether or not Dugdale had ever witnessed a bigfoot.

    @JamieRoss7 has she ever seen a bigfoot


    Dugdale also said she had never seen a ghost.

    14. Jamie grilled Dugdale on which Scottish political leader could hold the most balls.

    @JamieRoss7 Which Scottish party leader could hold the most rugby balls without dropping any? How many would that be?

    "Out of me, Ruth, and Nicola? I think it would be difficult to beat Ruth Davidson at that, I think she could hold her own. I think she could carry seven."

    15. Issy wanted to know when Dugdale plans to annexe Berwick-upon-Tweed.

    @JamieRoss7 when is she going to show a proud nation she means it, and lead an army to take back Berwick?

    "I think Issy might be waiting a wee while. I have no ambitions to annex Berwick-upon-Tweed, I don't think that's advisable. I have no hunger for land mass."

    16. Shaaaarps asked if River City was better than Hollyoaks.

    @JamieRoss7 does she consider River City to be better or worse than Hollyoaks?

    "I view Hollyoaks as the hallmark of trash TV and nothing can beat it. I often watch the first five or 10 minutes of River City accidentally after EastEnders, but rarely the whole thing."

    Thanks for your questions. We hope that's cleared a few things up.