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September 8, 2009

A Day Without Cats ... PROTEST!!!!

That's right. Urlesque is hosting an abomination tomorrow (09/09/09) in the form of an Internet-wide ban on cats. In protest of this outrage, I will be posting a cat every hour on my cat-related BuzzFeed, Every Day Is Caturday. Please join me by submitting your cat-related media to Caturday and by posting the Caturday widget to your own blogs or sites. As you will notice, the widget is cute and has cats on it. Stand with me in solidarity!

Cutest Food Contest Winners!

Tons of really, exceptionally cute foods to choose from, but the votes are in, and the cutest food of all was Elrod's actual dog in a hot dog. Which is cute but also disturbing, depending on the chef's intention.

Slamin' Car Interiors

Here's some awesome car interiors that should be under serious consideration for your ride. Can't you see that your Honda needs swivel chairs and some fluffy upholstery? (via.)

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