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September 8, 2009

A Day Without Cats ... PROTEST!!!!

That's right. Urlesque is hosting an abomination tomorrow (09/09/09) in the form of an Internet-wide ban on cats. In protest of this outrage, I will be posting a cat every hour on my cat-related BuzzFeed, Every Day Is Caturday. Please join me by submitting your cat-related media to Caturday and by posting the Caturday widget to your own blogs or sites. As you will notice, the widget is cute and has cats on it. Stand with me in solidarity!

Ruin The Beatles!

Beatles Rock Band comes out tomorrow, so you can finally butcher classic Beatles songs in the comfort of your home.

Auto-Tune The News On Piano

If you take the news and auto-tune it, and then un-auto-tune it, it turns into this. It all sounds so bittersweet on a keyboard, shawty.

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