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Longhorn Bikes

Longhorn bikes owner Rene Martinez, making bike owners look hard-core with longhorn handlebars since 2002. He also owns one of the coolest bike shops in Austin, TX which sells, rents and services all types of bicycles in addition to the longhorn variety.

Bryan E. 9 years ago

Rep. Joe Wilson(SC) Yells "You Lie!" at Obama

Republican Representative Joe Wilson of South Carolina yells out "You Lie!" during Obama's health care speech. Check out Speaker Pelosi's laser-death stare after he says it... If the House has K-P, he's on it.

Bryan E. 10 years ago

Cats Don't Mess Around

This lady tried to have a whole day with no cats, but this tabby showed her the error of her ways...

Bryan E. 10 years ago

Clerk Takes Gun and Beats Down Robber

This takes a minute to get interesting, but this convenience store clerk laughs off this gunman, calmly walks around the counter and disarms the hooded man/boy and beats the hell out of him...good times!

Bryan E. 10 years ago

A Slight Correction

Not stealing, murder...Ahh, such an easy mistake!

Bryan E. 10 years ago

My Kitty is Emo

Well, I've had cats like this, so I thought this would make a great protest song. You know, like an anthem for our times. Cat day.

Bryan E. 10 years ago

Crosscountry Roadtrip Timelapse

These guys filmed their road trip from San Francisco to DC every 10 seconds for the entire journey. They went on I-50 and I-70 almost the entire way in an E39 BMW M5.

Bryan E. 10 years ago

Slamin' Car Interiors

Here's some awesome car interiors that should be under serious consideration for your ride. Can't you see that your Honda needs swivel chairs and some fluffy upholstery? (via.)

Bryan E. 10 years ago

Name That Roadsign

Are you a good driver? Try not to get a "fail" grade while deciphering these street signs. Site was put up by the auto insurance industry to promote safety.

Bryan E. 10 years ago

Electric El Camino

Tom Leitschuh finally did what us mere mortals have been dreaming about and converted his 1981 Chevy El Camino into a full-blown plug-in electric vehicle. (via Wired)

Bryan E. 10 years ago

Mike Judge On Letterman 1994

In honor of my fellow Austinite's upcoming movie (Extract), I found this old appearance on Dave from 1994. Check out Extract at your local movie theater starting tonight 09-04-09.

Bryan E. 10 years ago

Yanni and Ween

Do you think they're real? Placement is the key.

Bryan E. 10 years ago

Hot Dog Octopi

Hot Dogs are fun anyway, but they're cute when they're served like this. (via Flickr User muar_chee)

Bryan E. 10 years ago