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Slamin' Car Interiors

Here's some awesome car interiors that should be under serious consideration for your ride. Can't you see that your Honda needs swivel chairs and some fluffy upholstery? (via.)

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  • Xbox Nerds Unite!

    This is about the only way you could get a Suzuki to be pimpin'. That and a full size Master Chief mannequin to accompany you to work.

  • Fuzzy and Furry

    Astroturf on the outside, fuzzy orange upholstery on the inside, pimpin' all over!

  • Alpine Stereo Mobile

    I think this was customized by the folks that decorate carnival rides...but that's just a hunch.

  • Pink Louis Vuitton

    For the construction worker / railroad engineer we have the pink Louis Vuitton interior. The Momo steering wheel is bada$$.

  • The pinnacle of safety

    Swivel chairs make car accidents fun!