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September 2, 2009

Tip: Don't Fart During Surgery

Apparently, a guy in Denmark set his genitals on fire when he farted while he was getting a mole removed from his butt.

Simplified Remotes

Advances in technology! Simplified TV and Satellite remotes that are easy to understand and use, for once. I'm not sure if these are just prototypes or if they're ready for sale yet, but they're beautiful.

IKEA Heights

A drama secretly filmed inside of a Burbank, CA IKEA.

The "Pray Before Sex" Campaign

Catholic couples are being told by the Roman Catholic Church to pray together before having sex in an attempt to "purify their intentions."

Puppy Can't Get Up!

I normally try not to post dogs, as they take up valuable Internet space that is needed by cats, but this guy is a worthy exception.

World's Oldest Animals

Decrepit senior citizens of the animal kingdom. There seemed to be so many boring news stories about world's oldest somethings that I decided to compile them all into one boring place.

Bubes [NSFW]

Animated gifs that are women's faces morphing into their own boobs.

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