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13 Memes About Gaining Weight That Are Real AF


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1. How you feel when you start drinking protein shakes:

@_gymbrahs / Via

2. When you realize how tough it is to stay properly hydrated:

3. When eating the same thing over and over again takes it toll on you:

@fuck_cardio / Via

4. When you have a newfound respect for dogs:

@lolgymmemes / Via

5. When you realize the lights at the gym are deceiving you:

Marvel / Fox / Via

6. When you're "tracking your progress" in the locker room:

austintatious91 / Via

7. When you finally take the time to meal prep:

8. Your mindset after finding out how frequently you have to eat to make gains:

9. When your protein shake is getting a little stale and you try to flavor it up:

@time2gym / Via

10. When you feel like you're leaving your gym partner behind:

@fuck_cardio / Via

11. When you can't really afford to burn calories:

@time2gym / Via

12. When you're putting all this work in and still can't see the progress:

@gymlovememes / Via

13. Finally, when you start to see your hard work paying off:

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