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Making Interactive Maps To Connect Stories Of Travel And Land Use

Interactive geographic visualizations can help weave a narrative through disparate events, both personal and political. Here's how I built one.

Logan Williams 2 years ago

This Robot Wants To Talk About The Last Photo You Took

Two small chatbot experiments — one on Twitter and one in a real-life "Reverse Photo Booth" — explore shorter conversations focused around personal snapshots.

Logan Williams 2 years ago

Looking In New Directions With Google Street View

Google Street View is a treasure trove of images waiting for artistic reuse — from mapping the urban sky to hallucinating desert road trips.

Logan Williams 2 years ago

We Built A Fake Cell Phone To Track Clandestine Surveillance

IMSI catchers, or “Stingrays,” are increasingly being used to surveil private citizens in public. The Open Lab recently deployed a device for detecting these fake cell towers in use. You can build one, too.

Logan Williams 2 years ago

Lessons From Narratology

Researching methods that literary theorists use to understand stories teaches strategies for locating and revealing stories in image collections.

Logan Williams 2 years ago

Thermografree, An Open Source Broadband Thermal Camera

Thermal cameras can be used to improve building efficiency, rescue disaster victims, and even detect atmospheric gases. Thermografree can't detect gas yet, but it is inexpensive and open source.

Logan Williams 2 years ago

Tools For Working With Images

Before I could develop and test a new user interface, I needed to assemble some basic tools for importing images, extracting data, and organizing it all.

Logan Williams 2 years ago

America, Your Homework Assignment Has 4 Steps

That last exam was rough. Real talk, America: if we don’t want to fail, we have to do some serious make-up work.

Logan Williams 2 years ago

Telling Our Own Stories Through Personal Photos

Narrative building is important, and technology can make it easier and more accessible.

Logan Williams 3 years ago