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    7 Incredible 3D Floor Plans Of Your Favorite TV Shows

    Take a look inside the sets of Parks and Recreation, The Office, and more.

    After spending weeks binge-watching the following shows and working on the project for 200 hours, the team at Drawbotics created these incredible 3D floor plans — including some little details that only the most hardcore fans will notice.

    1. Parks and Recreation

    Things to look out for: The land mine, football, and Czech hedgehog in Ron’s office, Leslie’s female politician portraits, and the meeting room’s mural.

    2. The Office

    Things to look out for: Angela's cat in the drawer, the candy jar on Kevin's desk, the computers screen savers.

    3. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    Things to look out for: Gina's pink telephone, the broken vending machine with police tape, and the siren on Peralta's desk.

    4. Mad Men

    Things to look out for: the statue in Roger's office, the painting in the conference room, and literally every piece of furniture.

    5. Suits

    Things to look out for: The basketballs and baseballs in Harvey's office, and his office painting.

    6. Silicon Valley

    Things to look out for: the Aviato Ford Escape, the bed and sofa in the garage, and the pool's sun beds.

    7. The IT Crowd

    Things to look out for: the Anonymous mask and the red high heels.