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19 Things You'll Get If You're A Bad Mom Of Your Friend Group

You don't want to make the plan, but inevitably you will be the one to make the plan.

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4. Somehow you always end up organising every plan.

Trying to make plans in group chat @oliviahreid


8. And you're definitely the type of friend to take pictures of your friends at their worst to punish them with the next day.

Showing your friend drunk pictures of them

But you won't put them on social media because you're too damn responsible.


9. You end up getting your friends water when you're out, but only because you were going to the bar anyway to get yourself water.

Instagram: @lordloplop

12. You are always reminding your friends not to skip breakfast and dinner.

Ok 1- yes I'm that mom friend who always provides food 2- I want someone to look at me the way I was looking at my…


13. You leave the club first, but only because you want to get food.

Instagram: @hkbrear

You've just got your priorities in the right order.

14. And you're always the one who ends up doing the morning hangover food run.

Instagram: @shaniagauci

Not because your nice, mainly just because you're the hungriest.

15. You often wonder what would happen to your friend group without you.

When you let your friend go out on Halloween without adult supervision #porcelainphilosophy

16. You constantly drag all your friends, but you will also aggressively compliment them if they look in the slightest bit down.

I'm the mom friend but also the asshole friend. I'll roast tf out of you jokingly but if you say anything negative…


18. But most of the time they appreciate you feeding them and organising their social lives.

Instagram: @natasha_dear