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    Ring The Alarm, Drake And Nicki Minaj Have Reunited

    It could only mean one thing.

    🚨 Today Drake posted this gram with Nicki Minaj. 🚨

    @champagnepapi / Via

    What are they up to?

    You may recall the two have had quite the, uh, chemistry over the years.

    But because of Drake's beef with Nicki's longtime boyfriend Meek Mill, the two haven't been seen together in a few years.

    But, BUT, since Nicki is now single, we all knew it was only a matter of time before the two linked up.

    Somewhere in the world, Drake is dancing @NICKIMINAJ

    I mean, we're not saying they're doing anything but hanging out, possibly working.

    But, like, remember Drake's verse on "Only"?

    He rapped: "I never fucked Nicki, cause she got a man But when that's over, then I'm first in line" πŸ‘€

    Real talk, though- it's just nice to see this Young Money reunion.

    @nickiminaj / Via

    So many smiles! Yes that's 'Lil Wayne.

    πŸ™ Hopefully this means new music from these legends in the near future. πŸ™

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