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The 9 Stages Of A Home Brazilian Wax

Too embarrassed to go to a salon? Luckily for you at-home Brazilian waxing is a thing, and it's just as awful as you imagine.

Millzyxx 2 years ago

7 Things All Unhealthy People Do At The Gym

There's a distinct group of society who go to the gym for two weeks in January and then never again. I like to call us Club Jan, which might not be as fun as Club 18-30, or as rock and roll as Club 27, but in our own way we're just as great.

Millzyxx 2 years ago

6 Reasons Tom Hardy Is Spectacular Human Being

Tipped to be the next Bond and Hugh Jackman's choice of successor for Wolverine, Tom Hardy is about as in demand as it's possible to get. Forgetting his brilliant portrayal of the Kray twins, his haunting characterisation of Bronson and his show-stopping Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, he's also just a pretty wonderful human being. He's refreshingly blasΓ©, plus we can't get enough of those dub-smashes. Here's our top six reasons he's a spectacular chap:

Millzyxx 4 years ago

10 Stages Of A One Night Stand

We've all been there. Most of the time it's fun, but on the other hand you probably could have had just as much fun in your own bed with icecream watching GBBO.

Millzyxx 4 years ago

7 Stages Of Realising There's Going To Be Another Toy Story

Disney recently announced the production of a new Toy Story film, much to the fear of cartoon fans everywhere. For everyone who grew up with Andy the timescale of the films was perfect, it echoed our lives right down to the tee and now Hollywood has decided throw another handful of chocolate chips into a perfect mixture of cookie dough. What does that mean? It means the cookies are going to come out a burnt chocolate mess.

Millzyxx 4 years ago