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The 9 Stages Of A Home Brazilian Wax

Too embarrassed to go to a salon? Luckily for you at-home Brazilian waxing is a thing, and it's just as awful as you imagine.

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1. Deciding pain is better than humiliation

I mean honestly, who wants a strange doing that?

2. Stocking up on ingredients

Disclaimer: don't use this kind of wax.

3. Bracing yourself

Head between the knees, arms over your head.

This. Is. Going. To. Hurt.

4. That first rip

It's like pulling off a plaster.

If the plaster were 6 inches long, three inches wide and attached to your pubic hair.

5. Manically attempt to get it over with quickly

6. Deciding this was a bad idea

Probably should have decided this an hour ago.

7. Crying

The words "for your mummy" can be added here too.

8. Considering hobbling to a professional to fix your mistakes

She's probably seen this before, right?

9. Giving up on Brazilians altogether and reviving 70s body-hair fashion instead

That's the decade that brought us Bowie, they must have known something.

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