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4 Annoying Things Your Foundation Does To You

Because if you thought your days of leaving the house and realising you're orange were over, you're dead wrong.

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1. Looking. Orange.

Seriously, what is it with this? Your foundation will perfectly match your skin for years, you've painstakingly researched it and you dab it onto your face in the same loving manner every morning, then one day:



You look in the mirror and your reflection is staring back, a hideous shade of oompa loompa orange.

2. Pilling

It took me years to figure out what this was called. Mainly because Google didn't throw up any results for "foundation rubbing off in little balls". Anyway, it's called "pilling" apparently and it's 2 parts annoying to 1 part I-hate-my-life.

I'm pretty sure the simple solution is just to wait longer between product applications, but at 7am who has time for that?

3. Caking

Writing about cake negatively counteracts all my core beliefs, but here I am. Caking is the worst thing foundation does to you, it makes you look like you've slathered it on with a trowel in the morning.

And have you noticed that it's always right before you have something important to do too? Going straight home after work? Perfect make-up. Meeting a boy? Hello gateau face.

4. Matching your face and not your neck

This is my all time pet-hate.

Despite being a shade I can only describe as "vampire", my neck somehow still manages to be quite a significant amount lighter than my face. This means that without some really top-notch blending, I spend the day strolling around looking blotchy and mismatched.

My solution is to cover my entire body in the foundation, that way no one will know.

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