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    21 Things That’ll Make All Curly-Haired Girls Say “Me"

    My body is just a vessel for my hair really.

    1. No matter what you do, most days are still a luck of the draw kind of thing.

    2. And you never really know what you're going to get on wash-and-go days.

    There's prayer involved. A lot of prayer.

    3. There are moments when all you want to do is tie your hair up, and then this happens:

    4. Your mom broke you out of that whole "I'm tenderheaded" thing reaalllll quick when you were young.


    5. And there is definitely a damn good chance you have visited a "hair stylist" who just didn't know how to deal with your hair.


    And that's ok. One day you'll find someone who does, and you'll never leave them.

    6. On different days your hair can be different lengths because #SHRINKAGE.

    7. People love to ask you if they can touch your hair.

    Twitter: @Darthvadenz

    *I wonder if they realize this makes me feel like I'm on display at a Petting Zoo*

    8. Brushing your hair out when it's dry just isn't an option.

    9. People think there's some type of magical shit you do to make your hair look this way.

    Twitter: @_pearledblunts_

    I promise it's just water?

    10. When you see other curly-haired girls, you just want to hug them or compliment them or be their friend.

    Twitter: @tortilllaa

    Like I know you feel my pain.

    11. Thick hair just doesn't dry fast enough in the winter months.

    12. Humidity is the Godforsaken enemy.

    Twitter: @EAddams7

    Swampy days = frizzy days. And there's really just nothing you can do about it.

    13. And on the days that you straighten your hair and it's humid outside? Forget it.

    Twitter: @CurlyProbs

    *internally screaming*

    14. It takes a whole army of hair accessories to get it under control — and even that sometimes isn't enough.

    15. Waking up cute, or waking up and doing your hair quickly IS NOT A THING.

    Twitter: @CurlyProbs


    16. You have a lot of trial and error moments with hairstyle tutorials.

    17. Actually, you have probably tested a sea of different types of hair products.

    Talia Witherspoon / Via

    I mean your bathroom is just aggressively filled to the brim with conditioner and oils.

    18. Bouncing back from heat damage is equivalent to the greatest win of all time.

    @Zendaya / Via

    The Queen knows.

    19. Detanglers and deep conditioners are fundamental keys to survival.

    20. When you find the thing that works for you, you just might cry.

    Rati Agrawal / Via

    21. And although every day isn't perfect — on the days your hair looks good, nobody can tell you a DAMN thing.

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