The Profound Advice Meme Is Here To Help You Get Through 2017

    "If you get curved twice then you didn't get curved at all. Two curves make a circle, which means you're at your starting point."

    This is British actor and writer Kayode Ewumi, who plays Reece Simpson, aka RS, aka "Roll Safe", on a web show called #HoodDocumentary.

    The show was written by Ewumi and his best friend Tyrell Williams, and was picked up by BBC Three last summer.

    But now a still from the show has become a massive meme.

    You won't be mad at me for being late if you stop thinking I'm gonna be on time.

    U can't be broke if u don't check ur bank account

    People are tweeting profound advice alongside this picture of RS, and it's bloody marvellous.

    I've been in bed all day & self care is productive right? so essentially my time was well spent

    If nobody saw you wear it you didn't really waste an outfit

    It's official, RS is the second meme of the year – following #SaltBae.

    So I have updated the meme calendar for February 2017

    You wouldn't be offended if the tweet didn't apply to you.

    Most of the advice was relationship-related.

    No one can hurt you if you detach yourself from everything and avoid becoming emotionally invested in anyone

    If you get curved twice then you didn't get curved at all. Two curves make a circle which means you're at your star…

    Especially since Valentine's Day is approaching.

    have you noticed that all the "Men are trash" tweets have gone down by 70%? february is fast approaching.

    If you get trashed on February 14th you won't have to remember being alone on valentines day

    She can't catch you cheating if you don't cheat

    my man can't break my heart, if my man doesn't exist.

    Some were just hella funny.

    cant't be hungry if you aint awake

    When his argument is starting to make sense so you start crying


    And quite deep.

    They can't ignore you if you don't hit them up

    you can't hurt my feelings if i have none

    Some people used the meme to dish out some incredible academic advice.

    You're not failing if you don't check blackboard

    If you stay asleep then you won't have to worry about your lecture

    There were some political tweets addressing Trump's travel ban.

    You won't need to worry about refugees if you don't bomb their home in the first place

    If you don't apply for American Visa, they won't deny you.

    Some of the bits of advice were just plain silly.

    When somebody tell u to point at your head

    Your mum can't say "There's rice at home" if you throw away the bag of rice

    Words to live by.