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    19 Quirks People From Manchester Don't Realise Are Super Weird

    Chips and gravy for breakfast?

    1. Wanting to slide down the top of the Arndale Food Court escalator.

    Twitter: @RemAffiliated

    2. Eating chips and gravy no matter what time of the day it is.

    3. Turning a man wearing a giant paper mache head into a cult figure.

    Flickr: ulleskelf / Creative Commons

    Frank Sidebottom, created in the '80s by the late Chris Seivey, was a pop and TV legend – there's even a statue of him in Timperley, where Chris created him.

    4. Walking like Liam Gallagher, Ian Brown, or Perry from Kevin and Perry Go Large.

    The Manchester swagger is still alive and well, nearly 30 years on.

    5. Talking to strangers on the bus, train, or tram.

    Us northerners are a friendly lot and it’s fine to have a natter on your way home.

    6. Calling your mates, brothers, sisters, basically anyone other than your actually offspring, "our kid". @nele90s

    It might have stemmed from Oasis in the '90s but we’ll never get tired of it.

    7. And still using lingo from the '90s club scene.

    Flickr: timdobson / Creative Commons

    Manchester was a clubbing mecca in the 90s and words like 'buzzin', 'bangin', 'pure choon', 'ave it', 'mint', and 'hangin' are all 'proper sound' and still do the rounds 20 years after the Hacienda closed in 1997.

    8. Having a shop that sells second hand porn and contact mags.

    9. Being dead proud of minging food.

    Flickr: wickham / Creative Commons

    Like spicy battered Manchester eggs, Manchester tarts, pie barms, black pudding bread, and Eccles cakes.

    10. Putting your pet ferret on a lead and taking it for a walk.

    11. Getting ready for a night out while you're on a night out.

    12. Acting like a London hipster but being too scared of the beer prices to make the move down South.

    Flickr: heatheronhertravels / Creative Commons / Twitter: @failinghuman / BuzzFeed

    This is mainly seen in Chorlton/the Northern Quarter and most traditional Mancs aren't massive fans of the hipsters.

    13. Wearing Joe Bloggs jeans.

    14. Listening to Manchester music everywhere you go.

    Rachel Spencer / BuzzFeed

    It's right to be proud of the likes of New Order, The Smiths, The Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, Take That and so on. But you don't hear Gazza and Lindisfarne, Jimmy Nail, and Dire Straits blaring out of every bar and restaurant in Newcastle do you?

    15. Starting every sentence with "ey are", like someone off the Royle Family.


    And calling people you've only just met your "mate."

    16. And using "or" at the end of as many words as you can.

    Flickr: raver_mikey / Creative Commons

    So Asda is Asd 'or' chippy becomes chipp 'or' and sugar sounds like sug 'or.'

    17. Nipping off out for a five minute hand job.

    Flickr: motti82 / Creative Commons

    And coming back with a lovely clean car.

    18. Always wearing your jacket zipped right up to the top.

    19. And finally, calling your mates cock, nobhead, or bellend.

    Rachel Spencer / BuzzFeed

    Abusing your friends as much as possible is just basics.