19 Quirks People From Manchester Don't Realise Are Super Weird

    Chips and gravy for breakfast?

    1. Wanting to slide down the top of the Arndale Food Court escalator.

    2. Eating chips and gravy no matter what time of the day it is.

    3. Turning a man wearing a giant paper mache head into a cult figure.

    4. Walking like Liam Gallagher, Ian Brown, or Perry from Kevin and Perry Go Large.

    5. Talking to strangers on the bus, train, or tram.

    6. Calling your mates, brothers, sisters, basically anyone other than your actually offspring, "our kid".

    7. And still using lingo from the '90s club scene.

    8. Having a shop that sells second hand porn and contact mags.

    9. Being dead proud of minging food.

    10. Putting your pet ferret on a lead and taking it for a walk.

    11. Getting ready for a night out while you're on a night out.

    12. Acting like a London hipster but being too scared of the beer prices to make the move down South.

    13. Wearing Joe Bloggs jeans.

    14. Listening to Manchester music everywhere you go.

    15. Starting every sentence with "ey are", like someone off the Royle Family.

    16. And using "or" at the end of as many words as you can.

    17. Nipping off out for a five minute hand job.

    18. Always wearing your jacket zipped right up to the top.

    19. And finally, calling your mates cock, nobhead, or bellend.