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This Business Lobby Tweet About Company Tax Rates Went Horribly Wrong

"we're worried that economic growth might be stifled by burdensome red-tape".

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In the Business Council of Australia's war against the country's 28.5% company tax rate, the group recruited a young, wide-eyed bartender to give her thoughts.

"I’m worried there will be fewer job opportunities around here because of high company tax.” Act now and support th…

The BCA calls itself "a forum for the chief executives of Australia’s largest companies". People immediately smelled some bullshit.

@BCAcomau Hi Business Council of Australia: genuine question: is the woman in your tweet from a stock photograph? Did she really say that?

Why would a young bartender be so worried about the company tax rate?

@BCAcomau as a youth i concur i lie awake at night thinking of high company tax the dream state holds no solace hig…

Beer-pullers are surely worried about other stuff right?

@BCAcomau what I was 18 I was more concerned with capital gains tax concessions

@BCAcomau "I'm worried that my boss doesn't think I should be paid the award penalty rate for working public holidays." #thereifixeditforyou

The link between bringing down the company tax rate and job creation isn't exactly always direct.

.@BCAcomau No employee has ever said this. Growth of revenue as an effect of tax reduction doesn't lead *inevitably* to job creation.

You're seriously taking the piss @BCAcomau

Maybe it's on her ~list~ of priorities. Who knows.

.@BCAcomau incredible that arya stark is against our insanely high corporate tax rates

@BCAcomau "we're worried that economic growth might be stifled by burdensome red-tape"

Unions and progressive lobby groups stepped up the trolling, forcing the BCA to clarify that she's a "#realbartender".

No need to Google. She's a #realbartender in a real pub in Adelaide, South Australia where they know that real inve…

But then someone noticed the pub being used for the campaign is The Havey in South Australia, which is owned by a guy linked to a hotel lobby group.

So pub = @TheHavey = owned by the Fahey family, one of which is VP for "low taxes" lobbyist mob AHASA…

A recent photo from The Havey confirms the existence of the same window, stairs and wooden taps.

BuzzFeed News called The Havey and confirmed the photo was taken at the pub. Yes, the woman in the photo was a bartender.

Jug O Rama starts this Wednesday! $20 jugs of spirits 8-9pm $25 jugs of spirits 9-10pm and $12.50 jugs of beer 8-12!!!!!!!!

A staff member said the bartender had been told not to talk to anyone asking for her to expand on her views regarding company tax reform.

Correction: A previous version of this article included the insinuation that the BCA had silenced the bartender. The BCA has since told BuzzFeed News that's not the case. A spokesperson says the group has no association with the pub or its owner.

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