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22 Questions I Have About "Teletubbies" Now That I’m An Adult

It's a lot darker than you remember.

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12. With this fucked up food chain and ecosystem, how are the rabbits not over breeding and running the place?


With no predators the Teletubbies should have been wading through rabbit droppings and baby bunnies.


20. Are the Tiddlytubbies the Teletubbie's actual offspring? If so, which Teletubbies did the dirty to make which Tiddlytubby?

CBeebies / BuzzFeed

In 2015 Teletubbies introduced the Tiddlytubbies, which are tiny baby versions of themselves.

22. Is the Teletubbies actually an Orwellian nightmare designed to seep into children's subconscious and teach them about the silent class we all serve through mindlessly watching the TV?

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