Nigel Farage Just Defended Donald Trump But Didn't Notice This Sign

    "He's lying to you."

    Nigel Farage appeared in the European parliament on Wednesday afternoon to defend Donald Trump's immigration policy. There was only one problem: He didn't realise a rival MEP was holding up this sign throughout his speech.

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    Farage defended the US president's new immigration restrictions, accused European politicians of being inherently anti-American, and was repeatedly told off for disrespecting the institutions of the EU.

    "What has happened here is that someone has stood here on a manifesto for election, got into office, and within one week said that he will hold faith with his own electorate," the former UKIP leader said. "It is called genuine democracy, unlike the system we have in the European Union.

    "I'm sure that it's a great shock to you to see a genuinely elected democrat is doing what he was put in to do."

    The MEP with the sign was Labour's Seb Dance, who represents the London region in the European parliament.

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    "Mainstream politics must be more willing to challenge the nationalists and the populists," Dance told BuzzFeed News. "They pretend to stand up for people who are suffering but their diet of hate, division, and suspicion create only misery and poverty. It's time to stop the nuanced language: They're liars."

    Farage was wearing a Donald Trump badge throughout the appearance and urged EU politicians to invite the US president to speak.

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    "Let us invite President Trump to come to this European parliament," said Farage, who has repeatedly met the US leader. "I'm sure as democrats you would all agree that we need to have an open dialogue with the newly elected most powerful man in the world. If you throw that rejection back in my face then you prove yourselves to be the anti-democratic zealots I always thought you were."

    Eventually Dance was asked to take down the notice by a parliamentary official, with other UKIP MEPs registering formal complaints.

    Disgusting behaviour by labour Mep Holding defamatory sign up behind Nigel Farage as he spoke today . Pathetic and cowardly

    Dance said he was motivated to make his one-man protest due to the format of debates in the European parliament, which makes it hard to argue back against a speaker.

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    "Farage gets free coverage by virtue of being leader of the [European parliament group] EFDD," he said. "I know UKIP use the footage in their videos back home. The process here doesn't allow us to challenge what he's saying. As I sat there I realised I needed to make a point – that this man does not speak for ordinary people who need *real* answers not phoney ones."

    Despite the attention it has received, Dance said he didn't see it as a laughing matter: "I don't think the sign or the point is funny!"

    Jim Waterson is a politics editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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