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    This Is What McDonald's Food Looks Like In 17 Different Countries

    We need curly fries.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community for the coolest McDonald's items in their country. Here are the bizarre and fascinating results.

    1. Sweety con Nutella – Italy

    What it is: This Nutella burger is just that: no meat, just Nutella.

    —Sarah Reynolds, Facebook

    2. Poutine – Canada

    What it is: A pile of fries, gravy, and melted cheese curds. Yum.


    3. McKroket – Netherlands

    What it is: A breaded beef ragout and melted cheese filling, with a mustard sauce.


    4. Pancake Helado – Uruguay

    What it is: A dulce de leche–filled pancake, topped with vanilla ice cream.


    5. Twister Fries – Singapore

    What it is: These ~curly~ fries are released every Chinese New Year in Singapore. Want some extra flavor? Dip them in curry sauce.


    6. Shaka Shaka Chicken — Japan

    What it is: A wrapped-up chicken patty and a packet of seasoning (choose between lemon, pepper, and cheese). Pour in the seasoning, shake, and enjoy.


    7. Churros – South Korea

    What it is: Fried pastry dough that's coated in sugar. I'm drooling.


    8. Prosperity Burger – Malaysia

    What it is: This Chinese New Year–themed burger comes in either beef or chicken. Top it with some onions, an optional hash brown, and a peppery sauce. God is real.


    9. Veggie Crunch Burger – Singapore

    What it is: A vegetable patty, topped with vegetables. Sounds...healthy.


    10. Frozen Coke – New Zealand

    What it is: Basically just a Coke slushie that'll quench your thirst.


    11. Patatas Deluxe – Spain

    What it is: Seasoned potato wedges. *grabs 12 dipping sauces*


    12. McFeast – South Africa

    What it is: Two beef patties, lettuce, tomato, onion, and cheese. It also comes with McBraai (like BBQ) and McChicken sauces. Hell yes.


    13. Matcha Oreo McFlurry – Japan

    What it is: Green tea + Oreo + ice cream = heaven.


    14. Pão de Queijo – Brazil

    What it is: Cheese bread. Enough said.


    15. Black and White Burgers – Hong Kong

    What it is: The Black Burger is apparently black due to squid ink, and it's stuffed with two beef patties, while the White Burger has chicken. What could make these burgers better, you ask? How about a dollop of mashed potatoes? Yup.


    16. PaNas Special – Indonesia

    What it is: Yeah, that's a wrapped-up ball of rice, accompanied by some fried chicken and scrambled eggs. Breakfast of champions.


    17. Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry – United Kingdom

    What it is: All of your wildest fantasies, mixed with vanilla ice cream and Cadbury Creme Egg candies.


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