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This Woman Started A Hashtag Challenging People To Love Themselves

"I'm too big, I'm too wide, but I'm strong."

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Jane Oranika, 19, from Montgomery, Alabama, started the #EgoChallenge to try to spread some positivity given the current political climate, and it’s caught a lot of attention.

I wanna start the #EgoChallenge ☺️ we all have flaws and it's better to brag about them to be insecure. y'all shoul…

To participate, people rap or sing celebrating and appreciating their flaws.

And others have made their own videos in response:

I saw the #EgoChallenge get traction and thought I'd try my hand at it at 1am in my jammies (credit to @oranicuhh f…

#egochallenge @oranicuhh this challenge is dope

confidence is key 🔑 @oranicuhh thank you for this #egochallenge ✨🔥 #blackgirlmagic (my whole level of shyness went…

Here's me #EgoChallenge. The original by @oranicuhh is beautiful by the way and just figured I'd put some positivit…

Big shoutout to @oranicuhh for starting this. Thought I'd go ahead and join in #egochallenge #NotThoseGuys #THOMBSEO

@oranicuhh this was a great idea 😂 #egochallenge

@oranicuhh You're so amazing for starting this! Here I go, first time I've ever even tried. #EgoChallenge

Using the instrumentals to Beyoncé’s “Ego,” she created a revamped song to distract people from the negativity in the world. "There’s a lot of fear and negativity in the media currently," Oranika told BuzzFeed News. "As a society, we have a lot going on."

She hopes that with this challenge, people will understand the importance of self-love. “If we vocalize and normalize our differences, we can get past them and grow together,” Oranika said.

And most people are all about this movement:

YAS to the #EgoChallenge 🙌🏾 @oranicuhh you're the best xo


Love this. 😍

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