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This Woman Started A Hashtag Challenging People To Love Themselves

"I'm too big, I'm too wide, but I'm strong."

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Jane Oranika, 19, from Montgomery, Alabama, started the #EgoChallenge to try to spread some positivity given the current political climate, and it’s caught a lot of attention.

I wanna start the #EgoChallenge ☺️ we all have flaws and it's better to brag about them to be insecure. y'all shoul…

Twitter / Via Twitter: @oranicuhh

To participate, people rap or sing celebrating and appreciating their flaws.

And others have made their own videos in response:

I saw the #EgoChallenge get traction and thought I'd try my hand at it at 1am in my jammies (credit to @oranicuhh f…

Twitter / Via Twitter: @LeftAtLondon

#egochallenge @oranicuhh this challenge is dope

Twitter / Via Twitter: @Tobias_Muh

confidence is key 🔑 @oranicuhh thank you for this #egochallenge ✨🔥 #blackgirlmagic (my whole level of shyness went…

Twitter / Via Twitter: @therealbabyd0ll

Here's me #EgoChallenge. The original by @oranicuhh is beautiful by the way and just figured I'd put some positivit…

Twitter / Via Twitter: @Maryssa_McDuffy

Big shoutout to @oranicuhh for starting this. Thought I'd go ahead and join in #egochallenge #NotThoseGuys #THOMBSEO

Twitter / Via Twitter: @MarkieChill

@oranicuhh this was a great idea 😂 #egochallenge

Twitter / Via Twitter: @thebvdd3st_

@oranicuhh You're so amazing for starting this! Here I go, first time I've ever even tried. #EgoChallenge

Twitter / Via Twitter: @KutFromTheKente

Using the instrumentals to Beyoncé’s “Ego,” she created a revamped song to distract people from the negativity in the world. "There’s a lot of fear and negativity in the media currently," Oranika told BuzzFeed News. "As a society, we have a lot going on."

Twitter / Via Twitter: @oranicuhh

“I tried to pick the flaws that I get the most comments on…people tend to focus on my physical appearance more than my words, so I wanted to address it,” she said.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @oranicuhh

She hopes that with this challenge, people will understand the importance of self-love. “If we vocalize and normalize our differences, we can get past them and grow together,” Oranika said.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @oranicuhh

And most people are all about this movement:

YAS to the #EgoChallenge 🙌🏾 @oranicuhh you're the best xo

Twitter / Via Twitter: @deepicam


Twitter / Via Twitter: @WoodOfBeen

Love this. 😍

Twitter / Via Twitter: @kaysarahsera

So thank you, Jane, for challenging society's expectations and reminding everyone that self-love is the best love.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @oranicuhh

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