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    16 Reasons Hilary Duff Is The Best Part Of "Younger"

    If you loved her in "Lizzie McGuire," you'll REALLY love her in "Younger."

    1. She's the best friend a girl (or fully grown middle-aged woman) could ask for.

    2. But she'll always tell you when you're out of your mind.

    3. And when you've frankly embarrassed yourself.

    4. She really knows her stuff.

    5. Her eyerolls belong in a master class of their own.

    6. She's a total dork, but she doesn't mind.

    7. Her work ensembles are insanely amazing (emphasis on insane).

    8. And she loves sharing her style advice with others.

    9. She's got some pretty sick burns.

    10. She's sorta high maintenance but tries really hard not to be.

    11. She tries to keep it clean, but knows how to get her point across anyway.

    12. Did we mention that she's totally amazing at her job?

    13. After a crazy night out, she'll still kill it at the office the next day.

    14. She doesn't let bad boyfriend behavior slide.

    15. She's the friend you want to celebrate AND drown your sorrows with.

    16. She's right, she's fun!

    Here are even more reasons to watch TV Land's "Younger."