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28 Gifts That Are Just As Cool As Your Galentine

Alternative V-Day gifts perfect for your platonic bae.

1. Don't let them forget Pawnee — or its raccoons — with this embroidered doll kit.

2. Turn daily reminders like "You're a beautiful, talented, brilliant, powerful Musk Ox" into a ray of sunshine with these scratch-art notes.

3. Pick up a pair of matching mermaid socks so you can be poetic and beautiful land mermaids together.

4. Whip up a friend brunch spread worthy of JJ's Diner with a heart-shaped waffle maker.

5. And serve it with this Galentine's Day card that shows the angelic Knope with the waffle halo she deserves.

6. Rewatch Friday Night Lights so you can settle your differences over whether Tim Riggins or Matt Saracen is dreamier.

7. Fill up your empty wine bottles from those FNL binge-watching seshes with these cork string lights for a romantic glow.

8. Inspire them to be their best self all the damn time with this adorable Leslie Knope mug.

9. Encourage them to run for office, pick up a new hobby, or whatever with this book that you know Leslie'd make Ann read.

10. Encourage exfoliation with this citrus-scented sugar scrub that's as unique as your rainbow-infused space unicorn.

11. Capture that time you cleaned out the river together or met Li'l Sebastian with a custom-framed Heartstagram.

12. Keep it nasty with this cute bracelet that stands for a cause, with 100% of proceeds going to Planned Parenthood.

13. Keep a beautiful, tropical fish's toes toasty in these colorful slippers.

14. Encourage them to channel their inner Knope when dealing with terrible people with this motivational wall art.

15. Stand in solidarity against cruel librarians named Tammy with these Mean Girls socks.

16. Capture the majesty of public parks with these crafted candles, (and no, Old Faithful doesn't smell like sulfur like the IRL Old Faithful).

17. Gift this pair of low-key earrings to protect your friend from the evil eye (possibly cast by Eagletonians).

18. Equip your tricky minx of a BFF with a flashy pillbox + lipstick combo.

19. Make their early mornings bearable with this flattering bath mat.

20. Tear into some "Stop Kissing Frogs," "Men are Pigs," and "Plenty of Fish" in this Love Bites bento box -- regardless of your current relationship sitch -- while you rehash what you did while you were on Snake Juice.

21. Write down all your warm, fuzzy feelings in this fill-in-the-love journal ready and waiting for all of your Leslie-esque compliments.

22. Take advantage of all the your boyfriend's amenities as you clear your pores with these cute strawberry seed strips that'll wipe out blackheads.

23. Crown a perfect sunflower with a perfect headband.

24. Treat them with a lip balm AND chocolate set because you're a beautiful, rule-breaking moth.

25. Embrace their tardiness with this watch because she'll be 20 minutes late anyway after dropping off her niece Torple.

26. Deck out their lobes with these flashy earrings for when they have to accept leadership awards at fancy London lunches.

27. Get close and personal -- as you do -- with these weird head massagers.

28. Celebrate your friendship with a plush womb because uteruses before duderuses and...


(Even if you have none of those parts.)

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