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Valentine's Day

25 Pictures Of LGBT Couples Then Vs. Now That'll Overwhelm You With Joy

"I couldn’t ask for a better partner in life."

16 Movies That'll Make You Feel Less Alone If You're Single

Watching your fave rom-com is sometimes much more comforting than having a boo.

18 Kisses Ranked From Worst To Best Just For The Hell Of It

Miss me, miss me, now you gotta kiss me.

28 Perfect Movie Kisses That'll Make Your Cold, Dead Heart Beat Again

"So I can kiss you anytime I want." —Sweet Home Alabama

17 Times You Wished Nick Jonas Was Your Valentine

♫ You got me in chains for your love♫

The First Name You See Is Your Celebrity Valentine

It's a love story baby, just say yes.

Choose Your Favorite Foods And We'll Tell You Why People Love You

You've got many, but which one stands out the most?

What Movie Should You Netflix And Chill To On Valentine's Day?

Basically just background noise but still important.

This Picture Test Will Reveal The Quality You Seek Most In A Partner

"Quiet and demure, graceful, polite, delicate, refined, poised - punctual!"

Abby Zinman • 4 minutes ago

Which Food Pair Are You And Your Partner?

You're the macaroni to my cheese.

8 Scandalous Affairs You Didn't Know About Between Famous Writers And Artists

An excerpt from The Art of the Affair, an illustrated guide to the romantic and personal entanglements of our most beloved writers, musicians, and artists.

Your Disney Opinions Will Reveal What Your Crush Really Thinks Of You

Do they think you are more Ursula or Ariel?

Which Hogwarts House Would Your Valentine Be In?

Who knew the Sorting Hat could help you find a date?

Which Taylor Swift Song Sums Up Your Love Life This Year?

Do you have a lot of Starbucks lovers?

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