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34 Irresistibly Gorgeous Engagement Rings Under $500

Beautiful pieces to give to your love (or yourself).

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1. A band that'll have your heart nearly at their fingertips.

7. A ring that's so magical it'll play tricks on your eyes.

8. A simple ring made with just enough sparkle.

10. A dainty diamond that'll capture everyone's eye.

Get it from Capucinne on Etsy starting at $480.

Available in yellow, rose, and white gold, and in sizes 3.75-8.

12. A ring made of nothing but love...and gold, and diamonds.

15. A delicate pear that's almost good enough to eat (but don't, seriously).

18. A trio of diamonds made to perfectly showcase your sophisticated love.

21. A band that'll twinkle and sparkle in all the right lights.

29. A lovely little band with just the slightest hint of purple sparkle.

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