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35 Adorable Stuffed Toys Even Adults Will Want

Sings: I don't wanna grow up, there's a million plush toys that I wanna play with!

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2. This sloth that just wants to help you take it slow.


5. The hedgehog that can't wait to go on vacay with you.

6. This corgi that definitely isn't as much work as a real one.


10. This llama that'll never run away from you.

12. This pizza that you can tell all about how you were going to work out.


15. This pigeon that isn't just a street rat with wings.

17. This cinnamon roll that is probably as fluffy as a real one.

Get this one Amazon for $20. There's also a pumpkin pie version for $36 and a cheesecake version for $36.


24. This Pusheen that comes with a variety of snack options.

28. This toast so you can wake up with breakfast in bed every day.

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