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35 Adorable Stuffed Toys Even Adults Will Want

Sings: I don't wanna grow up, there's a million plush toys that I wanna play with!

1. This armadillo that's as soft as a pillow / Don't drop him cause is name is Mike.

2. This sloth that just wants to help you take it slow.

3. This uterus that sure AF doesn't need you all up in her business.

4. This fox that's all ears and wants to hear everything about your day.

5. The hedgehog that can't wait to go on vacay with you.

6. This corgi that definitely isn't as much work as a real one.

7. This eyeball that will always look out for you.

8. These tea bags that'll soak up all your cuddles.

9. This fortune cookie that'll provide you with the wisdom of a thousand nights' sleep.

10. This llama that'll never run away from you.

11. This hamster that could probably survive a dryer cycle.

12. This pizza that you can tell all about how you were going to work out.

13. This meerkat that you can pose with the rest of your sorority sisters.

14. These sausages that you'll actually want in your bed.

15. This pigeon that isn't just a street rat with wings.

16. This river otter that is obviously judging you.

17. This cinnamon roll that is probably as fluffy as a real one.

18. This rooster because [insert cock joke here].

19. This little guy that doesn't give a fox.

20. This heart of gold because yours is black.

21. This bison that's just visiting from San Francisco.

22. This drumstick that'll make the perfect gift your vegan friend.

23. This donut that you do not want to live without.

24. This Pusheen that comes with a variety of snack options.

25. This Sriracha that'll get your bed all hot and spicy.

26. This hot dog that's frankly too cute to handle.

27. This bouquet because you love her, and she knows.

28. This toast so you can wake up with breakfast in bed every day.

29. This goldfish that you'll never have to flush down the toilet.

30. This macaroni and cheese that might actually make a pretty good neck pillow.

31. This feminine hygiene set that you'll want to cuddle every month.

32. This bottle of champagne for when you wanna pop bottles but don't want to leave your bed.

33. These boobies because #freethenipple, people!

34. This toaster and bagel set that you'll just want to schmear with your cuddles.

35. And this Hugsy doll that you'll never have to share with anyone.

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