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25 Valentine's Day Gifts For Anyone Who Loves To Drink

True love is encouraging their drunken antics.

1. This mug if they have zero shame in their drinking game.

2. A card with the perfect poem on it.

3. A care package that's pretty sweet.

4. These foldable, reusable wine bottles to take absolutely anywhere. A wine lover's dream.

5. This book with unlimited excuses to drink.

6. This T-shirt if they consider drinking a skilled practice.

7. Magnets that let you know when the fridge is running low.

8. This card, if *you're* the booze lover. Let them know how real it is.

9. Wine sippers that make stained teeth a thing of the past, so now there's no excuses.

10. A board game to test their limits.

11. A shot gun, that shoots alcohol.

12. This baseball tee if she takes whiskey back like a champ.

13. This stemless glasses set.

14. This subscription for the true beer connoisseur.

15. A tequila-scented candle. Disclaimer: They'll either love or hate this one.

16. This coloring book.

17. This set that turns tea time to happy hour.

18. This epic tank.

19. This handy breathalyzer device.

20. Coasters with true booze-lover terminology.

21. These illustrated highball glasses that guide you to make the perfect gin and tonic.

22. A Corkatoo.

23. A sneaky flask. Yes, these are meant to carry alcohol.

24. A set of bullet-shaped whiskey stones.

25. And lastly, a USA beer-cap map that holds 70 bottle caps.

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